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  1. Based on listener feedback, here is another version of the song! Please let me know if you think this is an improvement, or a step in the wrong direction! http://soundcloud.com/sorenlaulainen/recharted-worlds-v2/s-fTnlt - I've changed out the acoustic drum kit with an electronic drum kit that hopefully meshes better with everything else. - I reworked the drum patterns, so they have more syncopation. - I brought up the volume of the wobble bass when it first enters the song. - I removed some high-pitched effects from the bass drop around 2:25, because I felt they were too irritating
  2. Thanks for the replies! I was hoping I borrowed enough influences from dubstep to be appealing to fans of that genre, without making the track sound too derivative or irritating to non-fans. I also thought about using actual sounds of the Reapers for the second drop, but I thought that might be using too much source material... or make it feel over-the-top. Thoughts?
  3. Hey Remixers! With all of the buzz surrounding Mass Effect 3's imminent release, I developed a strong urge to remix my favorite song from the Mass Effect games -- the Galaxy Map music. I was also eager to try my hand at making dubstep, so I combined the two ideas into one. Here's the remix: http://soundcloud.com/sorenlaulainen/recharted-worlds I'm very eager to hear your feedback and criticism, since this is the first game remix I've ever done. Thanks in advance - Soren
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