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  1. link is hylian, but zelda is from hyrule, so shes hyrulian, hylians were the ancient race that protects the realm from evil or something like that, as ocarina of time explained it
  2. loved, it listened to it over and over, and went and played Megaman 6 just to see what the original sounded like, i think the reason this mix is so good is because it kept the megaman sound while increasing the quality of the song as compared to the nintendo, and nice voice sample, eheh, and though i saw that some people complained about the pause, that was one of my fav. parts, i duno, anywho, i liked it, nice work, how about a remastered version as you learn more?
  3. my absolute favorite gerudo valley remix on the site, when i listen for great game remixes, i look for changes to the song, while keeping the same feel and not straying too far from the original, Gerudo Interlude did just that, the result: a song great enough to listen to as a regular song, and a great enough reminder of the good old zelda experience
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