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  1. With the wide variety of awesome music found on OCR, I was wondering.

    Why not make a stream/radio station? I know it requires some resources but it would be awesome and doable.

    I'm sure everybody here would love something like this.

    The only reason I'd say not to do this is because it takes some resources and times from you guys, but it would certainly be awesome!

    Anybody agree or disagree? (Give reasons, if you can)

  2. My friendcode is:


    Name: Brian

    Add me if you have/plan on getting any of the following:

    Mariokart 7

    Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Heroes of Ruin


    I already have a lot of friends (around 75) so I only add worthwile people.


    P.S. Games I own:

    Ambassador games,

    Sonic Generations,

    Dead or Alive: Dimensions,



    Tales of the Abyss,

    Lego Star Wars: 3D,

    Ocarina of Time 3D,

  3. Any Clannad fans out there?

    I still need to watch some anime, any recommendations?

    I want something with a worth while story that stays with me.

    Currently I have Elfen Lied.

    Anime I've watched:

    • Clannad (fav)
    • Monster
    • Tengo Toppa Gurren (Gurren Laggan)
    • Gundam 00 (T'was awesome)
    • Wolf's Rain (Right behing Clannad)

  4. Some of you guys may have seen me here or there, but I've now decided to finally do something here :P

    I'm here and looking to meet new people!

    Anyways, name's Brian. Around the web, I often go under the aliases Brian6330 or Brischli. On Youtube, I'm Brianbelize and in a few rare instances I use B6330.

    I love Video Games! They make up a big part of my life and will continue to do so. I like all genres of games, but prefer RPG games most of the time. I can hold my own in video games and would say that I have some degree of skill. If I play a game I've never played before, then most likely I'll get owned by everybody. After getting aquainted with the controls and everything though? Good luck then.

    Some may know that I'm also an avid Pianist. I have been playing for over 6 years now and will keep on doing that! I learn and play Classical and Video Game music. Sometimes, I even upload videos of me playing to Youtube, so people can enjoy what I do. Personally, I plan to keep playing until I can't play anymore. School or life will not stop this. The Piano is just such an awesome instrument! It can play practically any kind of music, is diverse and can either be in the fore- or back-ground!

    Something about myself?

    Well, I never dislike a person without good reason. To me, "everybody on the world is my friend; I just haven't met them yet." I'm always up for discussion, sometimes I can offer some good advice and always try to be on my best behavior. Never hesitate to talk to me- I'm here on the internet to meet new people and make friends, through talking about things we have in common!

    That about covers it.

    I'm also the owner (along with somebody else) of n00bpwners.com - Video Game Blog and Forum. I blog there, manage the site and am active. The site has some focus on Video Game Music (Has over 200 different sheets there) and working in the video game industry.

    See you, who thankfully took the time to read all this, around the forum!

    P.S. Ask for my Steam, Skype and Twitter if you're interested!

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