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    Currently studying and uploading sporadic VGM covers on my Youtube Channel. Pianist since 13+ years :)
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  1. Wow. This is one. Awesome. Remix! Really loving your take on it! If I were into this stuff myself I'd tell you some constructive criticism, but :-/
  2. To be honest I don't really like the remix. Reason? The instruments and how they go in the beginning and how the whole song is mapped out. BUT, the music may just not be for me. What do you plan on changing, since this is still a draft? P.S. The little pauses don't really fit in the song imo
  3. The beginning caught me off guard. The song is very nice, and keeps the feel of the original. Great job! *Anybody remember I Wanna Be the Guy? *
  4. With the wide variety of awesome music found on OCR, I was wondering. Why not make a stream/radio station? I know it requires some resources but it would be awesome and doable. I'm sure everybody here would love something like this. The only reason I'd say not to do this is because it takes some resources and times from you guys, but it would certainly be awesome! Anybody agree or disagree? (Give reasons, if you can)
  5. Wow, awesome radio station! Now, if I only had faster internet
  6. Awesome album! I'll definitely show it to all the people I know (and like this kind of music)
  7. Liked already, but awesome to see another album, espcially FF
  8. *About to say good*

    Bad... Sick. Fever, diarrhea headache, stomach cramps and feel slightly weak.

    At least I'm now able to use the PC again :S

  9. :) Life is purdy good. And yours?
  10. Oh, kewl... I still need to find a way to play that game.

    So, how's life?

  11. That would be the Mystical Record enemy from Earthbound.

  12. ... It's so sad that this game will never be on other consoles.
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