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  1. Update, i think i have addresses all the problems i could find, tried also some changes in the portamento but didn't like the result, so i'm sticking to the original arrangement since i'm ok with it. Also a good improvement on overall clarity of the mix after several attempts of mixing\mastering combinations. Hope you enjoy this https://www.dropbox.com/s/owyveega1eoxzny/Holding_M_13.4_v3.mp3
  2. Ok, first attempt of mastering after decompression, i have to work some more on the transition, @timaeus222 please let me know if what you suggested is something in this mood https://www.dropbox.com/s/kaf5zczk5axmj7p/Holding_M_8.4_v2.mp3
  3. Uh, yeah, probably this is a better approach, i'll try this!
  4. But but but... are you sure??Judganator told me that this is the best remix of all the best remixes, maybe you want to re-evaluate your opinion! Jokes apart, i can hear what you pointed. I think i will have no problems in adding a one more bar of fading kickdrum and write something on it to make the transition at 2:50 take longer to roll into the breakdown. About the flipdy doo on portamento, i need some clarification due to my school-level english (what does flipdy-doo stands for??) and my scarce experience with the portamento of my instruments, i must admit i rarely play with it:( Now you are talking like a real judganator! Thank you for the kind words, i'll pm you for sure, i saw you use Reason too so maybe you can also lend me some insider tips. aaaand, back to WIP
  5. I'm not familiar with the source, i had to search it on the tube, please add a link to the firts post:) Loved your remix, most of all the pads. If i have to point out something is that probably this is a bit too long and some cuts will probably help in keeping the interest of the listener from start to finish. Maybe try to shrink the section from 2'15'' to 4'00'' and let the part from 4'00''come in earlier. Nothing to point out in the production side, very good work.
  6. Ok, i feel like this is ok https://soundcloud.com/blindzoom/holding-my-thoughts-in-my edit:switched to mod review
  7. Yes i already tried to give it a little more volume, but it made feel the track empty once it stops playing, and also was partially covering the other instruments while playing at an higher volume (not that much, like a +1dB, but was enough to start conflicting) Yes the part from 4.34 was what gave me headache, i already EQed what i could, there's nothing more i can do without one of the 3 instruments to start sound weak and empty, i removed what i could (especially from the sawpad)and boosted a couple notches around 650-700Hz and 1-1.2Khz on the piano to let it come trough, and i actually like how it sounds. I have to tell you that the breakdown (and the intro-outro) has two differents pianos, one for the lower notes (a grand piano)and one for the higher, with different eq for each other to separate them.Maybe i can put some work on the lower one, but i'd prefer not to touch the higher one:) Thank you! I have now to put some work on the snare and fix some things in filters automations, maybe i'll add some hi-hats but i'm kinda ok with the rytmic part, i don't feel like i'm far away from finishing now. Thank you again for your support timaeus, i appreaciate it.
  8. Sorry for the late response, but i had to look into the subject before replying. I use Reason, so no VST allowed, however thanks to you i discovered that it has its own transient shaper inside a drum maschine i never use,and i had to make a little practice with it. Very useful tool, i've always played with layered samples and modified its parameters to design the sound, but having a transient designer on top of that really makes things easier. https://soundcloud.com/blindzoom/wip-holding-16-3 New version, i put a lot of time trying to clean up things, really had an hard time fitting the piano which was in the same frequencies of the final lead and of the sidechained sawpad,hope it is good enough because i don't think i can do better without removing one of the 3 instruments. Also gave a little humanization on strings and piano in the breakdown (only in dynamics, not in timing btw), and added a piano outro.
  9. I'm aware of this, i mean i know it sounds weird. But the strings are stopping quite drastically also in the source. i think the biggest problem is the lower pad, i may try to automate its release just for those two parts and leave the higher strings as they are. Or simply make the notes longer, i'll give it a go I have no clue of how to deal on this, time to get some infos on transient shaping I opted for the reverb since when put uprfront, the higher notes were totally unpleasant, maybe i should try to automate the dry\wet of the reverb to be more present on higher notes. I'm on it! Thank you, and thank you again for your constructive criticism, that's what i need.I'm all ears for other suggestions.
  10. Sorry, i thought it would be available for those who had the link. Public now.
  11. Updating, since i'm moving towards the end of the arrangement. (no mastering in this version) https://soundcloud.com/blindzoom/wip_holding-16-2 First of all, and is for you @timaeus222, no more intro subpad but a much more pleasant intro with some strings, plus more fidelity with the source. Second, in the attempt to clean up unecessary instruments since the track is getting pretty big, i deleted part of the triplet synth thinking it wasn't in use, so only teh "hitting" part is left and the melodic part is gone, i saved after that, i'll have to redo that since it was sounding good. Still some things i'm not 100% ok in the arrangement but the structure of the track is there, only the outro missing.Also percussion.Also fx:) I tried to give some personalization to the melody in the second part of the track, hope to not have gone too far away from the source, please give me some opinion on this matter. Still far away from finished, but i hope to be moving in the right direction:)
  12. lol it has been strange to me to bump such an old thread, but i LOVE the source and i will never stop until i'll get to do something i really like with it. Yes the track is unfinished, in fact i pratically restarded it from scratch and i'm still arranging, i know levels are way off and some instruments are wrongly placed (the triplets synth is probably going to be at the center while as it were in the previous versionsthe lead will be put far in the stereo field) , and the offbeat cymbal is the only percussion in place atm and the kick also needs some variation in pattern, i'll repost once i'm done with the writing. Again, thank you all for the suggestions!
  13. Decided to take a good 2 steps back,here's how it's going. https://soundcloud.com/blindzoom/holding-wip-27-1 just put a limiter on top of the track, and some instruments are not EQed yet, this is just to give you an heads up. Wanted to do some call-respond with the lead, in the spirit of the source, but i'm not happy at all with how the lead sounds with a single note melody , so i'll probably drop some chords on it
  14. Thank you, i'll get rid f that LFO Thank you timaeus, i promise you i'll change that sub pad into something better. As for the rythmic part, i have to admit that i just used the patterns\instruments i left 1 year ago as they were,wiothout adjusting them to the changes i made to other synths\bass\pads.Seems like i'm gonna keep only the kick and redo the rest from scratch. As for the loudness, the Reason export peaks at about -7dB before mastering, which i thought to be good, so i think you are pointing out something in the mastering section.If you can tell me something more precise on this subject, it'd be great. Well, looks like i'm going back to WIP
  15. Well, i don't know if it's good policy to bump such an old thread after more than a year,but i have some news. My pc was too slow to handle the track back then, so i abandoned it and moved along with new projects. More then a year have passed, i've learned something in my other projects so i decided to go back to this one, and i swear that it took me one day just to figure out which device was doing what once i opened Reason project, it was a total mess. After a week, here's the result,hope to have some feedback from you guys. https://soundcloud.com/blindzoom/wip_holding I'm sorry if the links to older versions in this thread doesn't work anymore:|
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