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  1. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.

    I felt like I was walking down a corridor with flickering lights casting shadows across what may have been white walls, but could could have been light gray as snow fell passed windows with what may have been the settling and creaking of large swaths of ice outside.

    Then the beat dropped in like Samus herself come to rescue my already self deprecating attitude as I convinced myself the haunting part of the opening melody had simply been because…why not?

    not the first EDM take on a Metroid theme I’ve heard, but certainly one of the best.

    it feels like a well thought out story with each piece adding to the ending.

    good stuff, imo


  2. On 11/8/2020 at 7:32 AM, kevinb1229 said:

    Did you know that "Thunderbolt" is actually the Stage 5 theme? I'm not looking to mock or anything; I'm just curious. The actual Stage 2 music is known as "Starfield" - that's the stage that features Tetran as the stage boss. Stage 5 is the one that has you going up against the Pharaoh mask at the end of it. I'm a bit of a Konami shmup nut, so... just wanted to try and set the record straight here.

    Partially true.

    This track was track 2 in the Japanese Salamander Famicom release, and track 5 in the NES port.
    Not used in the Arcade ports.

    No mocking, just laying down facts.
    Also, I dig this tune.  Sadly it comes off a bit tinny on certain speakers.  

  3. This is my favorite album on OCRemix.  It took me a while to get around to listening to it.  Like...over a year.  I downloaded it the day it came out, or close to it, but life...
    Anyways, its just a really well done album.  And its consistent. Something I appreciate in an album, keeps things connected and moving along in a way mixed albums don't do for me.
    As a huge fan of Jazz (though, admittedly, more Duke Ellington style, or Big Band) this really scratched an itch for me.
    This site is lacking in Jazz remixes (that being said, the ones available are damn good imo) and this helps fill that void.
    The ChronoTrigger soundtrack has always been one of my favorites from the moment I first turned it on.  It was a total aural odyssey for me.  Its blend of various genres to create something different captured me from the start.  But its most noticeable musical trait is its jazz based sound.
    I honestly can't rave enough about Chronology.  Since I first put it on roughly six months ago, its been a fairly regular play as I go about my day.

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