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    Bassist/Composer currently working on the soundtrack for "Breeze In the Clouds": a game currently in development by SrBilyon Harris and HeadRush Games.

    More info about this project can be found at:

    Always eager to listen, collaborate, and be a part of new projects. Feel free to contact me through here or through various social networks:
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    Alan Garcia
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    Electric Bass
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    Piano, Guitar
  1. Hello, it's me, I just wanted to say that was a very interesting Zelda mix, I enjoyed it a lot, it was very refreshing to hear something like that. Keep up the great work.

  2. ReMixers, Up to this day, "Blanka's Theme" from 1992's "Street Fighter II: The World Warrior" is and probably always will be one of my favorite compositions. I've always wanted to arrange this song in a more traditional ethnic setting with heavy emphasis on the beautiful melody written by the three composers. I present to you my arrangement of Blanka's theme, "Blanka in Brasil": - Soundcloud linkOriginal composition from SNES The traditional bassline is used as a support for the chordal qualities, allowing for the percussion to be the foundation of this remix. Thank you in advance
  3. Hello OC pals! My name is Alan Garcia and I am a bassist/composer currently working as a composer for "Breeze in the Clouds": a video game currently in development by SrBilyon Harris and HeadRush Games. I have been playing electric bass for about 5 years now, but have only recently acquired the means to finally be able to compose. Composing for Breeze takes up most of my time, but I am really looking forward to doing some great arrangements for my favorite video game music. Hope you can guys can drop by my channels to share your opinions on my original and remixed work. I'll make sure to do
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