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  1. Thank you. I like my OCR t-shirt I bought years ago but I freaking LOVE my customized Mahaboo one I got this week. I honestly expected the quality to be poor but damn I was wrong. You blew my mind. I reserve my feedback for either exceptionally positive or negative. I gave you a positive review and deservedly so. The little thank you tag was an unexpected and delightful bonus. I will not hesitate to purchase items from you you in the future. ~Maha OR BooBoo whatever.
  2. Wut a douche.. Heh Anyway, there is a bright side here. I've had my newly acquired musical goodness on a loop for hours now and I suspect that isn't going to change anytime soon. Best 10 bucks I've ever spent. "The Art of Zen" is something else to put it mildly. If you do not own this song you're truly missing out.
  3. No actually it wasn't. I know that one was free I looked into it when I first saw this thread and sadly I had a ripped mp3.
  4. Wow just wow. I owe Zircon a great big sorry. Turns out a song off this album that I've had in many play lists for quite some time and picked up someplace thinking it was a freebie was not. I feel like a complete ass.I wish I could remember where I got it so Zircon could put a stop to it but as I stated it was some time ago. I have however, rectified my goof and purchased the album and will continue to listen guilt free. Plus the added bonus of all the other awesome songs I can now enjoy. Thank you for this thread otherwise I never would have known. I love free songs as much as the next person but never at the expense of ripping someone off. So again Zircon I'm sorry.
  5. Hey Coopie!! Yeah I've been working like a dog lately and rarely get a day off. When I do, I have so much other crap to catch up on I really don't have the time to post.

    I miss you guys no doubt. On the positive side, however, my bank account is getting pretty bloated which is always a nice thing. All I need now is the time to spend some of said bank account.

  6. MAHA! Been a while since I saw a post of yours. How've you been?

  7. man Mahaboo why didn't we talk more, I totally met you 5 years ago or something :)

  8. There are a few games I go back to and play over and over again. Most can be completed pretty quickly by today's standards but still I go back to them faithfully to kill a few hours. Little Nemo: The Dream Master Streets of Rage 1 & 2 Sonic CD Ecco The Dolphin 1 & 2 ( Sega CD version) Terranigma ( I still tear up at the end every freaking time) Super Castlevania IV Castlevania SOTN
  9. Amazing, simply amazing. I really enjoyed that great find.
  10. YAY! Guess what was waiting for me when I returned home from work today. Teeheee. All wrapped up and everything. Awesome awesome awesome!! A cute stufffed lion to add to my ever expanding collection. So soft and snugly. Also a Zelda Ocarina flute, I stated blowing into it and giggling like a schoolchild. Thanks a ton I love them. Though, I could not for the life of me figure out who it was from until I came in here to reply and scrolled down and happened to see a familiar name. Thankies Oinkness <3 .
  11. Awesome, I'm so glad you like like it and that it arrived before Christmas. As for how I did it Bahamut, a lady never reveals all of her secrets . If you're really interested though, PM me I think posting it here might be inappropriate.
  12. I sent mine earlier this week (it took a bit after I bought it to arrive here before I could send it) . I airmailed the sucker in hopes it'll get there before Christmas. I hope my victim..err I mean recipient enjoys.
  13. Happy birthday!! Thanks for eating up my HD space with awesome music otherwise I'd waste it. Now the issue of those old comics. Any chance of a re-issue for old times?
  14. I suppose I'll throw in some general knowledge for whoever has me that might help provided they haven't already bought it. I already bought the gift for my person. I bought it the day I got the email I already had an idea what I was getting. Tee hee. Anyway: No real wish list so I'll be general because I like surprises. -Size small ( I already have an OCR shirt so that may not be wise) -Anything lion related, stuffed animals, pictures, knickknacks etc.. (I collect them) -Anything with a sense of humour behind it. I'm not really that picky. Have fun whoever you are.
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