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  1. Ok cool ty guys I know what needs reworking on this track really appreciate the advice
  2. I decided to try out the famous Mario jingle remix not great but a tad different than the usual remixes I've heard Remix by DJ At!sh
  3. My second upload of a another decent remix I kinda like..its from the Nes version if anyone doens't know..I decided to make this more somber and more on the rock style since theres too many dance and techno remix of this awesome tune Remix by Dj At!sh
  4. Hey Guys check out my Flying Battery Remix its kinda like an enhanced upto date remix, I've done loads more remixes but this one of the good ones Alot of Remixes Ive heard of this track was tooo different and kinda lost its *oomph* of the whole track. Remix done by Dj At!sh.
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