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  1. Hey, how goes the poker playing and game development?

  2. Sorry, 3 parts, haha....

    Been working on developing computer games on the side as well... have a 2D platformer well underway, and a puzzle game (designed to be ported to iphone/android) started. Haven't played games as much lately (not a whole lot of time), but I miss playing games competitively...

  3. I'm doing alright. Working full-time, and getting into poker on the side. Been doing pretty good at that over the last few months in online poker... hoping to eventually move up in stakes and build up my bankroll enough to turn that into my job (become a professional poker player).

  4. Tried to PM you, not sure if it went through, so I'll post it here (in 2 parts, since it's too long apparently...)

    Sorry for being so late to reply... I thought I'd be notified by email if you sent me a message, and I didn't see a response on your profile where I left you the message. Just thought I'd log in today and see if you had indeed replied... good thing I did :P

    I remember also moving into my first apartment with a roommate (a friend from work) before. Should be a lot of fun! Composing original music too? Have any links to some that I can listen to? I'm curious to see what you've come up with...

  5. Whoa whoa whoa! Total blast from the past hearing from you. Thanks for the kind words about my remix. Things are good... in between jobs right now, but am about to move into my first apartment with a couple friends, so that's exciting. I spend most of my free time composing original music or doing stuff with my band/church.

    How are you doing? What have you been up to?

  6. Hey Josh, or should I say long-time WarioWare arch-nemesis! :P How're things... what're you up to these days? I was just browsing through the last few months of new remixes, and noticed one from you... Sounds great by the way, but you already probably know that!