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  1. This is my first submission since 2005's Project Chaos... where'd all the time go!? In any case, it's the theme song to LocoRoco (originally by Nobuyuki Shimizu) done in the style of the Hawaii Five-O intro theme (by The Ventures). This one has a video if you're into that kind of thing: Or you can just check out the audio: https://soundcloud.com/hadyn/hawaii-loc-o Originals are here (Loco): and here (Five-O): I had the idea to combine these two a long time ago, but I never got around to it until now. I'm not certain whether this meets submission criteria for OCR as it's very, very short and stays fairly close to the source materials, but I wanted a chance to share it with the community in any case. If people like it but it needs to be longer to get onto OCR, I'll consider extending it out - but for now I'm happy with its short, intro-theme format. All comments, critiques and ideas are welcome Cheers, Hadyn
  2. And another update - http://soundcloud.com/hadyn/open-hearts-work-in-progress-4 I extended one of the new sections and changed some sounds around... Getting close to calling this one finished I think. Or at least close to taking a break for a while. Still undecided... really keen for whatever feedback anyone can offer =)
  3. Thanks Pablo, that's good advice. I haven't got everything quite right yet, but I have expanded on what I had and tweaked a few instruments and mastering a bit. I think I'm at a stage now where I need a day or two to step back from it, so I'm just sharing what I have up to this point. The track is pretty much the length I want it, so I think from now it's mostly a case of refining what I've got. http://soundcloud.com/hadyn/open-hearts-work-in-progress-3 The main thing I think I'll want to do is make the second chorus more unique from the first. Of course, I'm open to any ideas or suggestions any one might have. Cheers!
  4. Cool, thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the hints towards the source material are pretty subtle during the intro, especially the first minute, which is at half speed. The original was indeterminate (neither Major nor Minor) for the verses, whilst I've gone all out Major... but the core parts are still in there. The cello pretty much plays the guitar part, for example, and the big sounding French Horns play with the rhythm of the vocal part ("Danger, water rising", etc.), though I took some liberties with the exact notes to make it halfway between what the vocals and guitar do in the original, making it sound distinctly more epic. The section between the 1:00-1:40 mark is the bridge section, with the French Horn playing the vocal melody ("All the steps we take, all the moves we make, all the pain at stake..."). If you know what to listen for, it may be easier to hear the source material in there? I'll probably expand and add some new sections tonight or tomorrow... in the meantime I'd love more feedback on whether the nods to the source material are too subtle, etc.
  5. It has been a really long time since I shared anything here. I think it was Project Chaos, back in '05... crazy. Anyway, this is a little orchestral piece I've been working on. It's my first proper attempt at composing anything in this style, and I have pretty much no classical training, so I'm basically making it up as I go. As it stands I'm really happy with the first minute or so, and then sort of okay with the rest of it. I'm very uncertain about the percussion in the latter half... But enough talk, I'll let you guys judge for yourselves! http://soundcloud.com/hadyn/open-hearts-work-in-progress-2 http://soundcloud.com/hadyn/open-hearts-work-in-progress-3 http://soundcloud.com/hadyn/open-hearts-work-in-progress-4 <- New Version! (4/01/2012) Oh, and this is original, if you're not familiar with it: All feedback is appreciated, I'm hoping to learn as I go with this one! Cheers, Hadyn
  6. Because that title is too apt; the tracks are lost. I'm the one that originally put them up (I built the teaser site back in '05), but I no longer have access to the server - I haven't since I put the site up. Even if the tracks were accessible, the quality would be no better than what you hear on the site. I doubt any of the remixers still have their original project files from '05, so getting higher quality versions probably isn't possible. With that being the case, if you really want a copy of the tracks you might as well get a recording application, record all the tracks as they play on the site (via "line out"), and get a copy of them that way. If you need more info on how to do this, search "how to record line out" on google. Should work. Hope this helps!
  7. Hey guys, I know this probably isn't normally the place to ask questions as random as this, but my brother and I have been doing our heads in for days trying to figure out what the song (and artist) is that can be heard on the PS3 trailer for little big planet. I know a lot of the trailers use a song by The Go Team - this, however, is a different one... You can hear it here: If I've posted this question in the wrong category, please move it wherever it belongs. It's been a long time since I've posted here, I'm a little rusty. Cheers! -Hadyn PS. For the sake of provoking a more general discussion, wouldn't it be cool if you could put your own music into the levels you make? We can only dream.
  8. I haven't logged into OCR for a few months now, thought I'd just drop in to say thanks to everyone for the great feedback, I'm glad to see you're all still enjoying the project as much as I am! =)
  9. Try opening the files in an audio-editting program, re-encoding them (as mp3's/wav's/whatever), and burning the newer, re-encoded files. Should work!
  10. What you see on the site is all there is. There was never a higher-quality release.
  11. Thanks man, I updated the site with those steps on the front page =)
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