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  1. Hey guys I need a point in the right direction, about getting the sound for the Mining Melancholy main tune. Heard here @ 0.35 I tried the piano in my remix but it just doesn't cut it. I need something as close as possible to the original that I can get, to make it sound worthy. It sounds more like some sort of a mandolin or something oriental. Just cannot put a finger to it. I'm using ableton, and have syleth1, z3ta 1/2, Dimension Pro, and a bunch of others but just can't find anything resembling what i'm after. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for the comment. There were parts that i left out, such as the guitar solo. I just couldn't find a pro-active way to imaginatively blend that part into a dance/trance orientated track. You could say that in my track, i borrowed/sampled the brass melody from the original, more than a complete "remix" of the original. Due to this i almost felt like NOT posting this into Ocremix, but was more curious to see what other people thought of the main melody use in a dance tune.
  3. Hey guys. Just finished this track i've been working on lately. To me it is done, as it is just the way i imagined (wrote it) in my head. Tell us your thoughts on whether it is worthwhile submitting to Ocremix. Thanks. http://soundcloud.com/eletrotik/infinity-mijinion-trance-remix