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  1. Oy! I never give up hope for these two games!
  2. Absolutely! (NES) Kickle Cubicle: Boss (SNES) Yoshi's Safari: Float Castle Thank you!
  3. once a month, and gotta hope someone looks into this untapped potential.
  4. the hip hop dont stop for the top of pop the cop say zop and hold a mop
  5. up to the top I want a remixer to see this guaranteed as a non-forgotten request.
  6. Bump Guys, these songs are glorious, they really need some looking into.
  7. Hope doesn't die, it just fades in and out.
  8. I'm still holding out hope dammit. I will make sure to keep this alive.
  9. Just bumping to let people know I didn't forget this request.
  10. (NES) Kickle Cubicle: Boss (SNES) Yoshi's Safari: Float Castle Surprised neither of these are even listed in ocremix. Both are pretty awesome games and deserve some remix recognition. I would greatly appreciate if these got some great treatment. Thanks in advance. (As for what genre I'd like them to be remixed in, better to leave that to creativity)
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