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  1. Thanks for reading it! I appreciate all the work everyone put into the album, and I figured I may as well say something about it. I didn't mean to give the impression that "metal" is inherently evil! I'm just trying to pointing out that it isn't. The gaming community is pretty accepting of the intention rather than the form, but I can tell you from personal experience that some need a little...nudging, to get them to understand that it isn't as such. Since my blog has that Christian label on it, I figured it best to simply just cover it to remove any ambiguities. Sorry if it came off the wrong way. And Sentient Machines is also my favorite.
  2. An indepth review. I figured you didn't want me to post 2000 words into a forum thread, so here it is: http://theologygaming.com/game-music-saturday-final-fantasy-random-encounter/
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