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  1. Hey guys I've been listening to everything on this site for years and love everything that everyone does here. I just lurk around for the most part though. There's one song in particular that I'm surprised that no one has picked up yet and that's the Street Fighter V Main Menu Theme. This is easily one of the best and most hype songs I've heard and would love to see it get that OCRemix magic touch. If it's already been done somewhere then please point me in the right direction, I've tried searching for it myself and haven't seen anything but it's entirely possible that I might have missed it s
  2. Hello Everyone, I've only recently joined the OC Remix community and let me start of by saying that the music on here is absolutely genius. I do have a request for any of the great artists on this site. Scott Pilgrim vs the World has some amazing music in it and I can only imagine how awesome a remix would sound coming from some of you guys. Below are my favorites from the OST. Rock Club is probably the one that would sound best remixed, but please feel free to do any one of these. If one of you do decide to do one of these, I'd like to thank you in advance. Happy Remixing Rock Club - h
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