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  1. I apologize if my questions are coming off as antagonistic. It was my intent to ask them publicly for two reasons: 1. For anyone else who, like me, may find this a bit confusing. 2. For others who harbor the type of negativity against other albums, to explain why they do. You have answered #1 sufficiently, and if #2 never occurs, that is fine. I have no intent to bring this private and create an argument. I did say "you will get this and more" of course you will. I also said congratulations for that. All I was asking, DJP, is why it seemed exclusive to OCR to have these types of situation
  2. Thank you very much for the reply, Liontamer. But your reply does not answer my question in regard to other albums. You stress that no profit would be made, and even so, that does not matter when compared to other projects such as Vampire Variations. It is unlikely that the team would have been able to make much of a profit at all from their attempt. I was under the impression that they were simply trying to offer a physical to the fans. And as you know, these things simply cost money to produce. I would like to stress however, that even if you put all money back into the site, that is tec
  3. Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster. I wanted to express questions I have regarding this Kickstarter project. I was watching the Vampire Variations posting last year, and highly interested in owning a physical copy of it, but at the time I saw OCR remix forum members and DJP himself expressing concern about the team charging for that. Although they were accepting donations, and not, to the best of my knowledge, charging the album to be for profit. The uproar over this seemed to be enough that the team abandoned any idea for Hard copies to be made. And many OCR posters expressed a high
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