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  1. I apologize if my questions are coming off as antagonistic. It was my intent to ask them publicly for two reasons: 1. For anyone else who, like me, may find this a bit confusing. 2. For others who harbor the type of negativity against other albums, to explain why they do. You have answered #1 sufficiently, and if #2 never occurs, that is fine. I have no intent to bring this private and create an argument. I did say "you will get this and more" of course you will. I also said congratulations for that. All I was asking, DJP, is why it seemed exclusive to OCR to have these types of situations. I hope there are more! There are so many communities out there creating works all the time. And I hope that at the very least, if another appears, OCR will not have negative feelings towards it. We are all VG lovers here. Let us remember that. Congratulations, and Cheers.
  2. Thank you very much for the reply, Liontamer. But your reply does not answer my question in regard to other albums. You stress that no profit would be made, and even so, that does not matter when compared to other projects such as Vampire Variations. It is unlikely that the team would have been able to make much of a profit at all from their attempt. I was under the impression that they were simply trying to offer a physical to the fans. And as you know, these things simply cost money to produce. I would like to stress however, that even if you put all money back into the site, that is technically still profit. No, you are not paying yourself and buying luxuries with it, but you are using the money to pay for something beyond just the album. I do not see how this is morally different than a musician needing to pay for better equipment, or an artist wishing to but software which allows them to create more album artwork. Or the most extreme example: keeping a roof over their head because they did not have to spend thousands on album production out of their own pocket. Please understand I am not actually suggesting OCR is taking huge profits. I am merely drawing parallels to the fact that other album projects do not either, but they have been highly chastised for it. It seems unjust and unwarranted. EDIT: Thank you for the Reply DJP. I was writing when you had responded. Your answer is reasonable. I apologize for not having linked the forum in question. You are correct that I felt unjustice with it, but the tone of most posters in that thread as you will note, was incredibly negative. It seemed as they were doing a similar, and by most merits, lesser extent of what is happening here. But the negativity was extremely high. If you would mind answer this question: Why do you only offer the album at $50 donations? It seems higher than I had expected, even with seeing the 15k donation number.
  3. Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster. I wanted to express questions I have regarding this Kickstarter project. I was watching the Vampire Variations posting last year, and highly interested in owning a physical copy of it, but at the time I saw OCR remix forum members and DJP himself expressing concern about the team charging for that. Although they were accepting donations, and not, to the best of my knowledge, charging the album to be for profit. The uproar over this seemed to be enough that the team abandoned any idea for Hard copies to be made. And many OCR posters expressed a high level of negativity for them even considering such an idea. So my question is thusly: What is this difference between that and what you are doing here? I do understand albums cost money to make, but you essentially are charging $50 for this album, and subsequent "bonus" albums end up costing even more since donations levels only yield them at higher amounts. I would also find it extremely hard to believe a 4 Disc album would cost $50 to make. If you are producing 1000 of them, and only allow those who donate $50 to receive a copy, then that would be 50k to you. Or am I missing something? It is unlikely you would actually "sell" all those 1000 copies through this kick starter, so what would happen to the rest? would they still be $50 a copy? or what would happen to them? Although reading your information about "where does the money go" actually says you will be making 1500 of them. Which is a bit strange.. to say you will make 1000 only, then list 1500 as the real number. But I digress. OCR will make this money they are asking for, and more. I congratulate you for it, and I am actually quite interested in this album. But I would like to use this example to make sense of why other album projects are not allowed to do identical methods, just because they are not OCR. It is sometimes argued that because OCR has their albums digitally for free as well, then that is different than most projects in that regard. Perhaps it is, but not all are this way. I know Vampire Variations was not. It was a digital free release with physical copies as a possibility, but OCR and it's staff balked and crucified them. I have since learned that Vampire Variations was not the only project given this type of treatment, and I would truly like to understand what OCR is doing here that is that different, and thus, acceptable. If I ever become involve in an album project, it would be nice to understand better, because it seems far worse to me in terms of "profit" possibility. Maybe it is because it fulfills a double purpose as acting as a donation driver, But that is a grey area since you would then actually be collecting "profit". Just using it to fund the website. Sorry for the long response. I find this to be a confusing topic.
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