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  1. Hey, don't let the thread die off Thank you for the link to the Eroge/VN discussion. Also, I checked out the Diaries of Olan, I wasn't terribly impressed... I NEEDS MOAR FFT! D:
  2. I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who loved this soundtrack. I'd also like to amend my original statement. I am unsure of how to describe the ethereal sound I was talking about, but these are a few examples of what I consider ethereal sounding (I apologize if this isn't helpful) Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua OST - Shinshoku ~ Shinshoku 2 NiGHTS:Lucid Dreaming - Restless Depths (Deep It Lies) [Avaris, Level 99] On a side note, are visual novels considered games? Anyhow, I apologize if that isn't helpful and I'm sure not all tracks would sound good with that feel to them, but that's just what I imagined when I said ethereal sounding. I wish I had musical talent or time to run a project...
  3. I have been sorely disappointed with the lack of Final Fantasy Tactics remixes. Not only is the game great, but most of the music pieces are fantastic and among my favorite of all Final Fantasy's. Again, it's just my opinion, but I imagine (I hope) that there are a lot more people who enjoyed it as much as me! An album covering all the tracks would be awesome, but I'm hardly in a position to run a project myself... I love mellow, ethereal-sounding stuff, but really don't have a preference of genre... I love all kinds of music. Some of my favorite songs from the original: Night attack ~ Battle Theme #20 Ultema, the Perfect Body! ~ Battle against Altima #2 Apoplexy ~ Battle Theme #9 Decisive Battle ~ Battle Theme #5 Bland logo - Title Back Prologue Movie Remnants ~ Battle Theme #6 Run Past Through the Plains ~ Battle Theme #10 (One pretty awesome remix of this one already =D) Delita's Theme Thank you!