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  1. Hello, I am Chaos. My idea is basic, S3&K Knuckles Theme mashed up w/ Hydro City. I think the tunes would sound well together. Thx to anyone who wants to do this.
  2. Hello everyone, I am Chaos. I would just like to see a fast-paced mash-up of It Doesn't Matter (Just SA1 or both SA1&2) and Knight of the Wind. I thought they'd mix together well. Also, for Classic Sonic, I want to hear something for Sonic Boom. (Maybe a mash-up with a bit from Toot Toot Sonic Warrior? ) Both are preferred as instrumentals. No vocals please. (Well, I want to hear an instrumental version, but a version w/ lyrics is fine too. ) *Plz&Thx* - ChaosXYZ
  3. *Update: I may/may not bump my thread every so often (like once a week, or every other week). I mean, no one will ever see this idea if it keep getting lower on the list. Although I'll try to make it to where the bumps have reasons behind them................btw, "bump".
  4. (Before I start, I want to let any reader know that I DO know of Project Chaos and the remix in that compilation. However, I'm looking for a remix of this track with a different approach taken to it.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I am Chaos. Today I am looking for someone to remix the Special Stage music from S3&K. I want to see if someone can remake it using some "updated" instruments, and lengthen the tune so it is enjoyable to sit down and listen to. *(By that I mean instruments close to an electric keyboard, or guitar in that respect. ) Maybe the tone could be taken as rock 'n roll, or pop. Idk, experiment. The only thing I want (specifically), is that the track should sound closer to something that'd be in the game. For instance, I liked the remix in Project Chaos, but the slow start wouldn't do it for me in this case. Plz&Thx to anyone who wants to try this idea. If someone does it and finishes it, I would like it if you would either post a link to the song in this thread, or even PM me a link.
  5. Hello all, I am Chaos. My idea today (tonight) is a remix of the Time Eater. Why? B/c his music wasn't....well, Sonic. While it's memorable, it isn't "fun" to listen to (at least for me). So here it is, the description of what I'm looking for. So, there are two tunes to do. Time Eater Modern, and Time Eater Classic. Modern can use some more inspiration from Live and Learn and His World. Classic would use inspiration from Big Arm (b/c it's cool like that) and Doomsday(?). Both should be the same song (obviously) and match up in some ways (the main beat) but should have their own sounds and even pieces in the songs that may be solos from the songs that were mixed in. Maybe Classic starts up like Big Arm does in Generations, Modern starts up like Live and Learn? Now, here's the links to the base songs. ~Time Eater (Modern and Classic): *M: *C: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Classic* ~Big Arm (I could only find the remix from Generations, but I may actually prefer if you use this ): (Btw, did you know that Big Arm's song was used for the final boss in S3&K? (the one before Doomsday Zone)) ~Doomsday Zone: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Modern* ~Live and Learn (Instrumental): ~His World (Solaris Phase 2): (I do ask for some things. First, no vocals please. Second, I would like a reply if/when you decide to do it. That is all. :3) Plz&Thx - Chaos
  6. I have seen the competition and a lot of the songs in there. I just wanted to see if anyone wanted a new project. (I could've sworn I responded to this....lol)
  7. I think that someone could do the Time Eater justice. As for the stages, those are ideas I thought were interesting enough. (The Planet Wisp Modern idea was my blandest one, I'll admit. I just wanted to see some other renditions of it.) The [Water] and [Fire] remixes are the main ones though, I happen to like those tracks and thought they could fit together. :3
  8. (I've decided to consider this thread null and void. All ideas will be posted throughout my days on OCRemix.)
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