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  1. You're quite welcome and I'm glad you found it motivating! I can't quite remember what I used, but I don't think I used anything outside of the basic Reason kit. Check out my other thread, I posted a theme I made for an rpg maker project of mine.
  2. Since my first post met with some positive reactions, here's some more music. This is a a theme I made for a project I was trying to do in rpg maker. I gave up on the project, needless to say, but it did inspire me to try to make some more video gamey music. There's one more track I did for it, which is much more lighthearted, compared to this and my previous post. Melancholic Theme Melancholic Theme Var 2 These are actually two variations on the same theme. The first one is more nostalgic/melancholic, while the second one is much more depressing. Melancholic Theme Loop Melancholic Theme Var 2 Loop And these are looped .ogg files of the same themes. Not sure what to use to play them and keep the looping, though. Rpg maker loops them, but winamp doesn't. Only difference is that the second one has a three or so second intro, which is just one viola note and a quick arpeggio on the piano. Also, apologies for not having these uploaded to youtube or something, I just haven't gotten around to doing that yet.
  3. Thank you! And very special kudos to you, too, sir, for having a signature by Jacque Fresco.
  4. Thank you! Yeah, now that you mention it, it probably does need some kind of climax or something. It does drone on. But that was kinda the idea, if I remember right, it's supposed to sound a bit like a soundtrack for some kind of depressing, dark scene. Either way, that particular song is quite old, I don't think I even have the project anymore. But I might go back and remake it someday. I have quite a few more songs, so I'll be posting those soon, too. I have two other songs uploaded to my blog, which I'll likely be posting next. Also, finding this site has inspired me to make a cover of a theme from Warcraft 2, which my band plays. It's a metal version of Human 2. So you can expect that at some point, too.
  5. Hey there, guys, this is my first time posting here. A friend of mine just referred me to this site and I love what I'm seeing so far. So I figured why not make my introduction by posting an original song of mine. Not really a good example of what I make, but then again most of my stuff is experimenting with genres I don't know that well. Please enjoy, or tear me a new one with how much I've failed, either would be appreciated.
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