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  1. Hey everyone. I'm Sean, one of the brothers of Blue Streaks. I really appreciate the support.

    A few comments.

    1. I wanted it to be short, to the point, and constantly interesting. I didn't want to repeat things just for the sake of making it longer, and I think the variation in here is enough to keep you entertained, hopefully.

    2. This wasn't meant to be dubstep. I know some people on OCR tend not to like dubstep, but this was just supposed to be epic and dynamic.

    3. I don't know why anybody would "feel really strongly" about the sampling, but I'm sorry if you can't enjoy the piece because of it. I think we really did more than add drum loops (which we didn't). We actually make a lot of our sounds from scratch, too. Guess we'll just try to write something else soon to win your support :)

    I'm SO happy to see this posted up here. I love this website and video game music.

  2. I'll be making a remix heavily in the style of the white stripes. In the rules, it says you can't use your own name in the remix title, but I was thinking about using the name "White Stripes and Blue Streaks".


    Also - I've been waiting a while for my remix to get posted. It was approved a while ago. How long do these things usually take? I hope it's not being held to be released later for some reason.


  3. This is dubstep? This is unlike any kind of dubstep I've ever heard.

    And I love it! It manages to maintain a harmony that I don't think I've ever heard on a dubstep song, and the fact that it brings justice to the Sandopolis theme makes it even better. Someone should give this guy a medal, or a trophy for that matter.

    "Is this dubstep?" lol. This is AMAZING dubstep! I love the dirty music on this website, and it's great to work out to. I don't know why people seem to hate dubstep...

  4. Oh herro!

    I have a remix approved here, and I've been waiting a while for it to get uploaded. So in the meantime, I thought I'd introduce myself here and listen to as many remixes as possible! My brother and I make up the band, but I'll be more active here.

    If anyone wants to hear our Majora's Mask submission before it gets uploaded, here's the link:

    So nice to "meet" you all!