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  1. Love what you did with the source material. This has such an incredible vibe. Well done!
  2. They should use this in the next highlight compilation video for Melee at Apex. Melee is so hype. Nothing will ever be better than Melee. Waveshine waveshine U-smash.
  3. Really like the integration of the Game Over music, especially. Very impressive overall!
  4. Running around and just exploring Hyrule is always one of my favorite parts, especially in TP, so I can't wait for this. They really nail that whole feeling of adventure in these games. Skyward Sword was way too linear though.
  5. Nice, I like it! And I love the source a lot too - great choice.
  6. Hey, thanks for the nice review on our remix, I'm really glad you enjoy listening to it.

  7. Hey everyone. I'm Sean, one of the brothers of Blue Streaks. I really appreciate the support. A few comments. 1. I wanted it to be short, to the point, and constantly interesting. I didn't want to repeat things just for the sake of making it longer, and I think the variation in here is enough to keep you entertained, hopefully. 2. This wasn't meant to be dubstep. I know some people on OCR tend not to like dubstep, but this was just supposed to be epic and dynamic. 3. I don't know why anybody would "feel really strongly" about the sampling, but I'm sorry if you can't enjoy the piece because of it. I think we really did more than add drum loops (which we didn't). We actually make a lot of our sounds from scratch, too. Guess we'll just try to write something else soon to win your support I'm SO happy to see this posted up here. I love this website and video game music.
  8. Hey there,

    I know you all have a lot going on to work on, but just thought I'd ask about how long it takes to get a song posted once it's in the "To be posted" section. I've been there for over a year, and I just want to get some feedback before I start something new. Thanks a bunch.

  9. I like it! You kept it nice and interesting. Could always be dirtier and harder!
  10. Thanks Rozovian, I'll give it a shot when I submit then! And yep, I've been on that "to be posted" list for a while, so I'm just eager to see it get put up so I can look at feedback before starting my next remix.
  11. I'll be making a remix heavily in the style of the white stripes. In the rules, it says you can't use your own name in the remix title, but I was thinking about using the name "White Stripes and Blue Streaks". Allowed? Also - I've been waiting a while for my remix to get posted. It was approved a while ago. How long do these things usually take? I hope it's not being held to be released later for some reason. Thanks!
  12. This is pretty cute ^__^ But in all seriousness, I like it gets better and better as it progresses. Good job!
  13. "Is this dubstep?" lol. This is AMAZING dubstep! I love the dirty music on this website, and it's great to work out to. I don't know why people seem to hate dubstep...
  14. Anybody else realize that the very beginning is just like the theme to Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers?
  15. The soloing in the second half is amazing. Before that, the song is a little conservative and uneventful. More of that soloing and less melody replication would've been nice, since clearly you can play the guitar!
  16. Oh herro! I have a remix approved here, and I've been waiting a while for it to get uploaded. So in the meantime, I thought I'd introduce myself here and listen to as many remixes as possible! My brother and I make up the band, but I'll be more active here. If anyone wants to hear our Majora's Mask submission before it gets uploaded, here's the link: So nice to "meet" you all!