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  1. Here it is...(it repeats from 1:23, so you can stop it playing from there if you want to)


    This was inspired by a game (to-be) called 'Chroma'. Here's a video of some gameplay

    Basically this song is my attempt at creating a piece that I think would fit the gamplay. Since I'm interested in composing for video games, I'd like to know how well people think the music and gameplay go together. Also, any general advice regarding the actual song will be of help, I'm sure.

    I spent alot of time mixing and mastering, and avoided having too much going on at once (which is why it may sound a bit empty in places), since I have been very sloppy with mixing, mastering and instrumentation before.

    This was made in Ableton Live 8, so any specific advice about making it sound more 'professional' would help, since I'm sure there must be something to make it sound even fuller.

    Thanks for any comments/listening

  2. First off, where did you get those choir samples? I really like them! Secondly, as far as what you have, the structure seems nice. It definitely needs an intro though and maybe some form of an outro. Maybe bring in the bells solo at the end with a little extra reeverb, that might sound nice. The mixing and mastering is very nicely done. As far as similarity goes to the original song, I really haven't heard the original to much, but as a general rule, I always like to keep some melody from the original song and maybe mix it up a bit. But I always like to keep one melodic line there. Listening to your song though and the original I can definitely tell there is a tie. So I guess that is good lol. I hope this made sense.


    Sorry if it sounded a bit all over the place, I was writing down comments as i listened to your song.

    Thanks for the post

    The choir samples came from Abletons 'Partner Instruments Compilation', from their website. It's a free download as well.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. It's good to hear what other people think. I'll definately start working on an introduction now :grin:

  3. Hey

    This is my first attempt at a proper remix, so needless to say, I most likely need some good advice so that it sounds half-decent. This is not finished, as I've spent most of the time trying to mix and master it and find the right sound.


    The first link is my remix, and the second is the original.

    My main concern is that my remix doesn't have a strong enough connection to the original, for it to be a proper remix. I've added new melodies and harmonies, but I have a feeling I'm not using the original melodies enough. Any comments about that would help me greatly.

    I'm gonna add an introduction that builds up to what I've got so far, but any comments about the structure I should go for will really help.

    BTW, this was made in Ableton Live 8

    Thanks for any help

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