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    Jadama is known by others as James. He is an independent and self-taught musician that has worked on countless pieces of music to inspire his thoughts and feelings. From a young age he had the talent to understand and play anything by ear. Playing the piano with his brother, Jonathon, helped influence his desire to embrace the world of music. And now with his experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm towards music he can create simple pleasures of moods and feelings. “Music is another way of expressing your thoughts. From pen to paper or finger to piano key - Something is created and must be nurtured and expressed to the world.”

    Most of his music is first created on his instrument of choice: The Piano. He then works on various sound mixers and focuses mainly on FL Studio XXL programs that manages his tracks carefully.

    More of his music can be found here. Mostly it contains Ambient Trance / Techno


    A huge collection Remixes from the SNES have yet to be added here at Overclocked. In time...
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    James Daniel Massey
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    Wal-Mart Courtesy Associate / Maintenance
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    FL Studio
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