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    I'm an admirer of music. I'm trained yet out of practice in classical piano and drums. Decided to join to share in the love I have for the projects and remixes people on the site do, seeing as I enjoy them daily.

    Musically I've begun to grow past my love of rock, metal, J-music, Celtic, Worldly influence and orchestral to include chiptunes and electronica.

    I'm a bit shy and awkward at introducing myself but I'm really friendly and while my knowledge of actual music theory is bare minimum, I love and enjoy what people put out. I'll be your fiercest supporter, hands down! Or at least one of them.

    So...Swing me a PM. I'm a bit of a introvert at times but once I open up, it'll be a whole other story.
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    Samuel LeBlanc
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  1. Thanks man, appreciate it, glad you like it, and ROCK ON!