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  1. Oh, no! I understand you completely! And I can see what you mean a bit more clearly now. So in a sense, being a wanderer and a leader fall in step with each other, and whenever a person who's unique themselves stand out and produces something amazing, that's what you like. It's kind of like how I feel about several remixers from here. Up until about a year or so ago, I didn't like dubstep, and I certainly didn't mesh multiple forms of music to form a new identity of music, but now, thanks to keeping up with the projects (and now the DoD), I've expanded my musical tastes by co-relating the inspirations behind a remixers style (if they've ever stated it) and then going out and finding music of that style that resonates with me. I think that's another intended effect of people who stand out with their music is that they open the eyes of people who never knew such a thing was possible, and I have to say, it's an amazing effect.
  2. Shouldn't music be more about being a wanderer than a leader? If one leads, one has expectations placed upon them. If one wanderers, they're more free to do as they want. While there are bands and artists out there repeating styles of music others before them have done, it could be as simple as that style of music resonates with them above any other. Like a friend of mine recently had said he was getting out of metal because it all sounds the same. I found that while part of his statement was true, one can always find 'unique' bands if you seek them, but we're always going to run into bands that 'sound like' someone else. It's like literature - we'll always run into authors whose books read like another. I think what the music industry and scene lacks is flexibility in opinions towards artists. People are torn on Amy Lee doing more electronica style music, but she stated she wanted to do something different from the norm. And why not let her? Music should be about exploration and finding that which connects with you, then making more of, fine tuning one's craft in that style until you feel its time to move on to a new style. That's just my opinion, though.
  3. That bridge was a bastard. With it sitting there, being driven over, not surprised it let you get knocked off. =P
  4. I watched a few people play it and while it doesn't SEEM scary to watch it be played, I'd likely never play it. I've a weak constitution to jump scares and ambient soundscapes of the horror variety....so I'll pass. -waves the wimp flag-
  5. Who the hell cares what people will pick to race as? It's all in how well you play, anyways. But all that DLC for so cheap? That's not bad. Good guy Nintendo, I say. I never understood the snobbery towards DLC, truthfully. I understand that if one pays for a game you expect it to be a whole product. But for everything that you get in some DLC packs, I'd say the content justifies the price most times. Unless you're a console Minecrafter...then you get a bit screwed. And Link as a racer...hm. Not sure how I feel about that one, but it does garner a chuckle outta me. Wonder if it's fueled by crushed up fairies or if it runs off the energy of the triforce? XD
  6. I've always had a fondness for literature, so if I can ever stop being lethargic and actually dedicate to the projects I start, I could have something going for me. My problem is that I craft numerous ideas and love doing so, but when I begin working on them, I get distracted. Second to that would be making music and just putting myself out there for the fun of it. I don't want global recognition, I just want people to enjoy the music I'd make. So one could say I'm rather taken to careers in the arts. Wouldn't mind trying my hand at game development. I've had some ideas jotted down and saved on various flash drives where I've coined up basic ideas and mechanics, overall gameplay elements and improvements that could be made to existing titles in the market (more for fun, that). There's something about creating something outta an idea that really inspires me.
  7. I don't know of many remixers from the GA area, and being in 'that der Bible belt' makes it hard to wanna GO out. XD
  8. Giving the newest Seether album a good listening through again. I said it to myself and I'll say it again - I feel it's better than past works, more personal, and not so 'pissy' angry, but more of a 'I understand where I screwed up' sort of angry. If that makes sense.
  9. For me, I found "Ami" and "The Oath" from the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack to be stand out pieces from the rest of the music from the game. It could be because I've heard both of them in an arranged format that really accentuated the overall structures of the tracks. Hm. And there's several tracks from Baten Kaitos that grab my attention as truly spectacular songs, but the names are escaping me. Should break that out and listen for them again. XD
  10. Any unpatched PC port RPG for a console. So far, I've only beat one, and that was Risen, and it was by some divine providence I had patience enough to beat it.
  11. Played Drakengard all the way through and was trying to earn all the endings when I had to do that ridiculous black and white ring challenge. And I stopped, and never bothered with the game again. Fast forward - playing the third installment, since I figured I needed a hack and slash gorefest. And like before, was trying to earn the endings.... Then hell happened. And hell promptly handed me my ass in monochromatic fashion. And after hearing a dragon die so many times, I just...said nope, and moved on.
  12. I don't know how many other gamers feel, Blue Dragon's soundtrack had that fun mix of borderline cheesy and the other half was amazingly catchy. Uematsu must have had some fun making that soundtrack, but by far the best/worst track was the boss fight tune, 'Eternity'. Can't say I hate the soundtrack, because, hell, I own it. And the Dynasty Warrior titles are guilty pleasures of mine, among all the other game music I enjoy, merely on the level of it's oriental infusion with rock and metal tunes. Can't begin to recount how many hours I've spent in the options just sampling the tracks. I think I could likely tell you which mix a Lu Bu track is. XD OH. OH OH. What about Katamari Damacy? Surprised that wasn't thrown up yet for discussion. Na naaaa nanananana-na...
  13. Or, if you watch channels like The Escapist and watch an episode of Zero Punctuation and they outright throw it in there for you. But hey, what's a spoiler or two coming from Yahtzee? XD
  14. I do, and I know it did. I've no excuses. I own up to that.And I do apologize for my snippy attitude. T'was uncalled for. But, perhaps once I see it myself, I might join in the hype as a supporter to those who want it more than I would. Though, I saw someone mention how they'd want an all region game. Now THAT I'd buy.
  15. Of course you can. My main concerns is whether or not Nintendo is merely going a safe route by re-releasing old games and with a fresh coat of paint, so to say, or if they're going for a full blown remake worthy of the price tag they're likely to slap on it. Would I be excited to hear new music like what they did in HG/SS? Of course! Would I be happy to see a redesigned Hoenn? You bet! But, at the same time, would this justify a possible fifty or so dollar investment without a substantial amount of new content? Hard to say. But hey, if you get excited, then you get excited. Nothing wrong with that, my friend. =3
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