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  1. Yeah, I've seen a couple threads like this, and unfortunately, they don't seem to ever amount to much.

    I totally get where you're coming from, because I've had the exact same issue: you have a talent you want to share and, more importantly, develop, but you're really the second part of a two-step process, and can't reach those goals without some help. Getting started is absolutely the hardest part because you don't have any demos to convince artists you're worth their time.

    I am very slowly breaking out of that. I basically took Nonamer's advice. Keep your eyes peeled for any and every request for a vocalist.

    Here's the PM that led to my first collab:

    I think the lines I put in bold were the most important part of my being considered: be honest and upfront about what you have to offer, and make it clear that you're fine if your vocals don't match their vision. This collab is now slated to appear on the upcoming Final Fantasy 6 album, so be persistent, be vigilant, and continue brainstorming ways to get your voice out there.

    Alright, thanks for the advice.

  2. Male/Female? Range? Sorry but you're going to need to be a little more specific for this.

    Also, usually remixers will be the ones to reach out for vocalists rather than the other way around. If you really wish to be a part of a remix/project, check who's asking on the forums (though don't go to far back).

    Male, I can go towards the middle and down low and I'd do any kind of song.

  3. That's what I was thinking and talking about.

    Unless you mean a capella, which would actually be neat to try.

    Or a really electronic sound, sorta like the thing those dudes remixed for Sonic Generations of Super Sonic Racing. That.

    Not what I meant. Any style is cool. I'm available to sing on it.

    EDIT: I have just made quite possibly the shortest OC Remix ever. A 10 second remix of Game Over Yeah from Sega Rally. I'll PM it to the man in charge.

  4. I'm also trying to do a vocalist collaboration with my Tears of the Moon: A Majora's Mask MusicalSource. I love this idea you have and was wondering if I could use one of my tracks that I'm working on for Tears? I can write lyrics and sing, the only thing I'll need help on is the music. I was thinking of the Mayor's Meeting theme Source

    Of course you can be a part! We'll make a list of songs that we need arrangements to, so that we can have a better album.

  5. Well, I see no one's really bitten yet, but I think this is a cool idea - like a vocal album themed around new collaborations. Even if the album doesn't materialize, I think the site could use more vocal collaborations. I personally have heard some nice remixes on this site that I would love to rap over. Here are some ideas (although I'd undoubtedly need to get in touch with the original remixer):

    Elegy of the Solipsist (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02381/) - I would rap on this in a heartbeat; I've actually thought about it. I'm thinking of a playful but bittersweet love song, Link to Marin, about how he loves her but ultimately knows (spoilers) she isn't real and will disappear if he awakens the Wind Fish

    The Life and Death of the Mario Brothers (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02062/) - sick beat, this would be standard rap braggadocio

    Insecta Robotica (

    ) - no ideas, but I've always liked this remix, nice beat

    (Additionally, I would be interested in writing a reggae song about Mario, although I can't think of an existing remix that would work. If someone could work on a Super Mario Sunshine beat with me, I have some lyrics for that as well.)

    Also, just a thought: I don't know, but it seems to me that writers couldn't just write lyrics and give times when to deliver them - there's a lot in the delivery that's hard to convey in writing. Perhaps the writers could do their own shitty performance and send the audio to the real singer, who can get the feeling from the audio and then blow it away?

    Thanks for supporting the idea. I do hope someone "bites." Anyways, I agree on the writers doing the crappy performance thing, although if they don't have a mic, they'd be shit outta luck.

  6. Now, I can't remix, but I CAN write lyrics to video game tunes. This one is particular is a Boss Theme from Smash Bros. Brawl, sung from the point of view of either Master Hand or Crazy Hand, your choice. Here's the recording I wrote the lyrics to (

    ), and here are the lyrics:

    "0:12 - Just waiting here,

    Ready to fight,

    Blood on my hands,

    Yet no oppenents in si-ight!

    0:24 - Waiting for months,

    Soon it has been years,

    I've wasted my life,

    Just sitting waiting here.

    0:54 Ooooooooooooooooh...

    1:17 - Thrills I get

    With a fist to their face

    And the life slowly exit-ing

    Though they're not dead yet

    2:03 - Losing my mind,

    I don't want to live life,

    Just wanna kill someone,

    In an eternal strife.

    2:15 - Losing my mind,

    Can't take it anymore,

    Slowly becoming weak,

    Dying down in my core!

    (Let's just say that the song loops at this point, for the sake of this last line I wrote)

    0:12 - Giving it up,

    Can't take it anymore,

    Wounded all around,

    This hand can't take it anymore!"

    This is planned as a submission for BadAss 2, and needs to be finished by December 1st.

  7. cooltext754891190.png

    1. Introduction

    Y'all know brentalfloss? He adds lyrics to video game music. I've always thought that was a cool concept, and so I started writing some lyrics. Then I had an idea: Why not start a project where other people can share this joy? But wait: Some people don't have a microphone or aren't confident in their voice. And some aren't all that great at writing tunes. Simple solution: Some people will write, but not sing, and some people will sing and not write. And, this is OCRemix, isn't it? So we need some people to remix these tracks to certain genres. If done right, it can really bring out the vocal performance as well. So, there's step one. As with every concept, we'll need to set some...

    2. Rules

    The songs can be any genre. Rock, Jazz, Ska, Metal, Techno, Rap, etc. They can also be from any game. Lyrics wise, any content is acceptable. It can be somber, or a drug trip of laughter. If you want to write lyrics for a song someone mixed, or if you wanna sing a song someone wrote lyrics to, or whatever, it is your responsibility to work that out with the remixer/lyricist/writer. You can send a draft of a song to me, and it will okay it for the final version. The final album will have 13 tracks. If you're writing lyrics, make sure what the person is singing at what time is clear. Provide a link where we can listen to the original song online. The written lyrics should make it clear where to sing what. Allow me to demonstrate

    0:13 - YEAH YEAH YEAH

    0:17 - OH BABEH!

    0:22 - WHOOPIDY DO!

    This way, the singer will know what to sing, and when. This does not apply if you're singing your own song.

    3. Jobs

    Only really one if you don't count writing lyrics, singing, remixing, etc... I need an album cover. Nothing fancy, just something with video game characters and the title "Karaoke Night."

    4. Current Track-listing














    Possible Songs:

    -Mayor's Meeting from Majora's Mask (Needs an arranger)

    -Cacti Area from Kirby's Return To Dreamland (Needs vocalist and arranger)

    -Waiting Room from SSBB (Needs vocalist and arranger)

    Alright, so are ya ready?

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