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  1. I want to collab with someone. I can sing and produce. I'm male and have a Med/Hi-Low range.
  2. Male, I can go towards the middle and down low and I'd do any kind of song.
  3. Hello guys. I want to do a remix with vocals...except I can't remix. SO I NEED HELP. You guys can choose the song and genre. I will write lyrics and sing over your arrangement. Reply to the thread if interested.
  4. Dave The Rave, this is important, did you receive my remix? If so, is it going to be on the album, and if so, where?
  5. Not what I meant. Any style is cool. I'm available to sing on it. EDIT: I have just made quite possibly the shortest OC Remix ever. A 10 second remix of Game Over Yeah from Sega Rally. I'll PM it to the man in charge.
  6. How about a vocal Sonic R remix? I wanna rock out to Can You Feel The Sunshine!
  7. Great! We need some mixers. Also, feel free to write some lyrics. Use any songs you want, I could sing on a few. Is it possible you can give me a demo recording so I know how to sing it?
  8. Great! What sort of role would you like to play? Musician, lyricist, singer?
  9. Updated! New song idea. Hopefully we can find more people to help with the project.
  10. I could provide some original tracks and possibly remixes. Work at this site: http://suprawesomerecords.weebly.com
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