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  1. 1. Introduction Y'all know brentalfloss? He adds lyrics to video game music. I've always thought that was a cool concept, and so I started writing some lyrics. Then I had an idea: Why not start a project where other people can share this joy? But wait: Some people don't have a microphone or aren't confident in their voice. And some aren't all that great at writing tunes. Simple solution: Some people will write, but not sing, and some people will sing and not write. And, this is OCRemix, isn't it? So we need some people to remix these tracks to certain genres. If done right, it can really bring out the vocal performance as well. So, there's step one. As with every concept, we'll need to set some... 2. Rules The songs can be any genre. Rock, Jazz, Ska, Metal, Techno, Rap, etc. They can also be from any game. Lyrics wise, any content is acceptable. It can be somber, or a drug trip of laughter. If you want to write lyrics for a song someone mixed, or if you wanna sing a song someone wrote lyrics to, or whatever, it is your responsibility to work that out with the remixer/lyricist/writer. You can send a draft of a song to me, and it will okay it for the final version. The final album will have 13 tracks. If you're writing lyrics, make sure what the person is singing at what time is clear. Provide a link where we can listen to the original song online. The written lyrics should make it clear where to sing what. Allow me to demonstrate 0:13 - YEAH YEAH YEAH 0:17 - OH BABEH! 0:22 - WHOOPIDY DO! This way, the singer will know what to sing, and when. This does not apply if you're singing your own song. 3. Jobs Only really one if you don't count writing lyrics, singing, remixing, etc... I need an album cover. Nothing fancy, just something with video game characters and the title "Karaoke Night." 4. Current Track-listing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Possible Songs: -Mayor's Meeting from Majora's Mask (Needs an arranger) -Cacti Area from Kirby's Return To Dreamland (Needs vocalist and arranger) -Waiting Room from SSBB (Needs vocalist and arranger) Alright, so are ya ready?
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