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  1. This one is part two of a three piece suite i have worked on for a couple of years. It actually started with this one, that was a assignment in school. We had to compose a piece for either string quartet och wind quartet that were 32 bars long. If we did so, the piece would be recorded by a real quartet. So hear is the result. Tristesskvartetterna 1;2 - Andante Whats your opinion? Thinking that this is part of a suite, how do guys feel the first and final part of that suite would be?
  2. For some reason, i come to think of Indian music when i hear this. You watch Bollywood movies?
  3. You should do the one playing at about 5:40 in this video (don't know what it's called).
  4. This one really capture the spirit of the times. Big up!
  5. This is a project me and a friend from school had a couple of years ago. Beside from just goofing around and having a good time playing and writing songs, this recording where meant to be used when aplying for all sorts of music school's after we graduated high school. My friend played the drums and percussion, and i played guitars, bass, keyboards and clarinet. Both of us are doing the small vocal parts that's in there. My old guitar teacher can be heard for one second and the beginning of one of the tracks.
  6. http://soundcloud.com/nima-djohari-taimouri/dan-a-do-encanamento-de Ok. So i envision this to become a dance friendly kind of samba, take the track to it's brazilian roots. This raw first draft is basically just some reharmonizations of the chord progression and some ideas with rhytm and mixing. What's your opinion about it? The original.
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