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    once a fan of OCReMix, My desire now is to be among the ReMix Family...i'm an "Otaku" of Game music and my newfound desire for Remixing has been greatly influenced by bLiNd, djpretzel, Audix...just to name a few...i presently reside in Orange Park, Florida with my Girlfriend, Melissa, who has been so supportive of my yen for ReMixing and my mother, Carol, who has told me to "Follow my dreams"

    This is my Story, and thank you, Masters of OverClocking, for taking the quest that i have started

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    Allen Goodnough
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    Freelance Tattoo Artist

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  1. Thank you, guys...especially Meteo...i can now say with decent certainty that i, SOLDIER0m3ga, will be posting music in the near future SOLDIER0m3ga
  2. that's exactly what i was talking about, Kyle...thanks so much....yet again, i am influenced to do great things, thanks to the gods of remixing SOLDIER0m3ga
  3. Welcome, friends...i first came to OCR for the Music some nearly 6 years ago, but failed to sign up then...now i am here

  4. My question here is this...are there any freeware Instrument synth programs that would be good to use and simple to understand...again, ever grateful for assistance SOLDIER0m3ga
  5. I'm curious about a thing...i've seen several people here that have a point rating on their profiles...what, praytell, is that about?? SOLDIER0m3ga
  6. I'm thoroughly Surprised that no one has done ReMixes of the Sega Genesis Strategy game, Warsong...i have the game here, and i think the music is worth ReMixing....if i can find just the music, perhaps i'll post Remixes for that title....perhaps SOLDIER0m3ga
  7. thanks for the sorrection, Anorax...yes i did mean my browser...anyway...as soon as i get my external drive, i'll be giving this DAW i got the demo for a spin....which leads me to ask...Has anyone heard of the DAW, Wavosaur?? SOLDIER0m3ga
  8. actually, nevermind guys...Google Chrome, my ISP, is awesome...i typed in DAW...and it automatically brought up 38,700,000 results in 0.47 seconds SOLDIER0m3ga
  9. fellas, i'm gonna sound really n00b-ish right now and ask....what does DAW stand for??...perhaps an answer will help ease my search for the right programs sorry, SOLDIER0m3ga
  10. if anyone has had a question as to the styles of ReMix i'm trying for...Heavy metal/TranceMetal/Gothrock/GothTrance....yes, bLiNd, djpretzel, Audix, and DarkeSword are the primary inspirations that i have...and i do occasionally will try Piano/Ambient/Acoustic once i get the feel for ReMixing....thank you, everyone, for welcoming me to the family SOLDIER0m3ga
  11. Again thanks for the advice...Meteo, these replies actually do help...it's good to have a wide variety of options...question for Flexstyle...what would be a good demo program to whet my claws on?? SOLDIER0m3ga
  12. Thanks for the advice everyone....to answer your question, Gallen...i have windows 7 on a Dell Dimension E310...budget-wise, kinda shaky right now, being in between jobs SOLDIER0m3ga
  13. thanks, Bahamut...Liontamer already helped me out

  14. Hey, I passed on the word, let me know if you aren't activated by tomorrow!

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