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  1. Bass and Drums seem to give me the most issue. I have problems getting the levels and everything on the individual drum sounds to sound right all together. Then there's the Bass, Which I lack any real tool for. I do have the defaults and such, But they sound a bit off to me. I also have a problem with making notes sound different in general. I'm always worried if I mess with the velocities and such, I'll just make it sound weird. Especially since I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing with some things still. I kind of just do things and try and see what happens. Sometimes it works, Sometimes it doesn't. I'v never studied music, and to be honest I don't understand half the terms and words used most of the time. So to me, A lot of buttons in FL are just mysterious buttons that MAY do what I want. I always figured that since I do this as a hobby, I don't need to be great at it. But the more I do it, The more a enjoy making all kinds of songs. So maybe it's about time I really start looking into it, and start reading all those guides and all that. I have got better on my own, The first tracks where... Err... Special? Yeah... No one will ever hear those things. But, I have a feeling there will be a point that I can't really figure out this stuff without help. Since progress with me getting better is slowing down, I'm probably getting there. Well, Thanks for the feedback and everything. It's appreciated. I'm going to need to find time to learn more about everything. I'll probably still finish this track. Just because leaving it unfinished feels a bit wrong.
  2. After testing a bit with other tracks, I think I got to a point where I'm happier with it. Still not perfect, But it's getting there. Here it is. Version 3: https://soundcloud.com/xumtosis/the-amazing-water-version-3 I'll update the main post with the link too, For convenience.
  3. I do understand what you mean by it being rather flat. I wanted to make it rather simple for now, and change it more as I go on. All the instruments blend in, Maybe too much so. I'll have to try and find the right amount of pop to the instruments so they aren't blended in to the point none stand out, but blended enough so it's still a rather smooth and calm track. It seems to be a bit of an issue I run into. Sometimes it can be rather tricky to make the song sound less like it's in a vacuum, and is isolated from everything else. Making it sound kind of unnatural and still. I did try to kind of make it sound faintly like it's underwater. I still like that idea, But I think I may try and make only part of the song like that. It would probably go nice, Since the actual level the song is in only has part of it underwater. I'm not too sure. I'll mess around and see what happens. Hopefully I can get it to sound just right, or at least close enough. Thanks for the feedback, It's much appreciated.
  4. Well, It's bin a while. I'v bin practicing and messing around for a while now, and I'v learned a bit here and there. Figured I may as well start refining a track again. Well, Also I kinda noticed it's bin quite a while. So I figured, I should see how much better I'v gotten over all this time. The track I decided would probably go best was The Amazing Water, From NiGHTS Into Dreams. It's a more relaxing track to make, and the test I had of it didn't seem that bad. So I cleaned it up and all that and released the first version. Err... About four months ago. I decided, I was a bit overdue to actually make a final version. So here I am, and I have the second version. Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/xumtosis/theamazingwaterversion-2 You can check out version one, If you'd like an idea of how it's changed: https://soundcloud.com/xumtosis/the-amazing-water-wip I didn't add to much in the way of notes and arrangement, It was mainly fine tuning everything to a point I was happy with it. Well, That's all for now. Hope you enjoy it, and of course, Any feedback or critique is welcome. Thanks for reading and listening. -Update- Version 3 is done, so here's the link: https://soundcloud.com/xumtosis/the-amazing-water-version-3
  5. It's bin a while, But I finally decided I should work on another project, Instead of just testing an messing around. I'v learned a bit since last time, So hopefully it goes a bit better. This time, I'm going to try and get it done on my own though, To help advance my skills. Figured a decent track to pick for a project would be one that wasn't too long, But long enough to alter it a bit from the original. Enough for now anyway. Palmtree Panic was one of the tracks I have bin screwing around with since last time, and it seemed like a decent enough track to go with. Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/xumtosis/palmtree-panic-bad-future-dead I thought a more direct theme would be better to help work on certain skills at a time. Instead of a mixed, It's just Metal. I'm not really used to this new plugin I got, So the guitars may sound a bit off. All I can say for sure is that it sounds better then FL Slayer. Let me know what you think. Any advise and critique is welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read and listen. Now, Before I start rambling like usual, I better go.
  6. Hey, I'm alive. I think... Bin a bit crazy here with the clean up and all that. Wasn't so bad by me fortunately. Although, guess who's massive pine tree decided to go for the power lines. But at least the rickety tree that is almost dead is just fine. Could be worse though. Let's just say a few places here aren't exactly pretty. If you live by the Sewage Treatment Plant that flooded, I feel very bad for you. Just figured I'd say that I'll be able to check back regularly again. Unless another tree wants to fall. I'll probably start another project soon, Since I feel that the best way to improve, Is to make more music. Seems logical anyway. Well, At least to me. Only issue is, I'm not sure what to do. I know I want to do a more focused track, and spend more time on it, But I can't decide what to do it of. I want to try and have a bit a variety, So I'm not to sure I want to do another Sonic one. Maybe I'll do a Castlevania or Metroid song. Might even give a Gradius track a try. I'll figure it out somehow. I guess that's enough senseless rambling for now. Until next time... That's a bit obvious isn't it? Of course the next time you would be able to read anything from me is the next time... I... Yeah... I-I'm just going to go now.
  7. The transition all around worked out much better then I thought it would, But it is a bit rough. I wanted the reverse section to end suddenly, Kind of reflecting the fact that Act 2 of Panic Puppet is much different to the other zones, Because of the lack of an objective, Other then reaching the end. So, The sudden change shows an abrupt shift in from the normal. I do think it needs a bit more perhaps. I have a few ideas, So I can always give it a shot. Around the end of Act 2, I wanted it to start to get a bit hectic and a little overwhelming. To somewhat show the chaotic nature of the end of a final zone. Since they tend to be the most difficult, By the end the tension and strain can get to the point where it is almost overwhelming, And when it ends, It's almost peaceful. Well, At the least you tend to be happy that you beat it. The Strings and brass being left at the end reflect that. Although it isn't too long, Since that game has a Boss right after, So you'd get right back into it. Well, Technically two with all the Emeralds... Err... That's not the point though. Not sure if it's too overwhelming, Since personally I like it. Then again, I personally don't mind songs over twenty minutes, So you can't really gauge something that is so subjective very well, Without enough feedback. In the end, It's not about what I like. I'm making it for others to enjoy, And While I do have a certain vision, I'm more then happy to adjust it for those listening. Thanks for the feedback. Always happy to get all kind of it. You can't really get better without it, Now can you? Also, If anyone is curious about some of the things done in the song, Timaeus222 said about all he... Err... She? Uh... They did. I don't like to assume genders. And that make saying certain things quite difficult. I just feel like an ass if I do. So forgive me If I sometime word things poorly. Just as a bit of a warning, You may know of the hurricane on the east coast of the United States, and as of now, It's probably a few hours away from Long Island. And since I live there, Well... Let's just say I may be going with a more natural life style for a little bit. Especially if LIPA (Long Island Power Association) Dose as good of a job as last time. Can you feel the sarcasm in that last sentence? So, I may not be around for a little bit. Maybe a week or two. I don't know. Depends on how bad it is, and how long it lasts. If you never hear from me again, I'v either gone feral and decided to live among the trees, Or I'v bin washed out to sea and eaten by Sea Turtles. Honestly, The later is actually somehow more likely to occur. If I get eaten by Sea Turtles, You have my permission to finish my work. All of my... Err... Alright, I really only have like three tracks that are probably worth finishing. In all seriousness, Just be aware I probably wont have an update, or response for a little while. Fell free to leave any feedback, Suggestions, Critique, or anything else you may feel like putting here. Now, On a more important and serious matter. Dose anyone know the best way to repel and/or fight off those damned Sea Turtles?
  8. Well, Thanks for the feedback. The reason there isn't much improvising is because I wanted to keep it fairly simple for my first project. The problem with that is of course some people wont like the fact that both acts are essentially the same track, With a slightly different spin. As such, Without much personal interpretation or improvising, It can get a bit samey for some people. Not to mention that it's an eight minute long song. The second act was originally meant to lean more to the rock/metal side. But, I'm limited in terms of quality guitars, and short on money at the moment. So unfortunately, I had to make it more like the first act. I can always come back later and touch it up, When I have the ability. As for the piano samples, It's just FL Keys. Believe I put it on the Concert Piano preset, and picked Grand Piano. Beside that, I think Timaeus222 did some balancing and added some FX. Couldn't really tell you about that though. I "May not" know what I'm doing completely. Just a little bit. Alright, Maybe a lot. I may upload each Act on it's own for people who want them separate. But, Until then, You can always go in an Audio Editor and cut it into two tracks. Might sound a bit odd to some people, But I splice remixes, The Originals, and both together to make my own tracks. Makes my remix library a bit more unique. Although... Sometimes it doesn't really work out how I hope. So If you do that, Always back up the tracks. So if you hit Save instead of Save As, You don't have to re-download. Be careful of making abominations though. Trying to put too many different things together can get a bit... Ugly. Thanks for giving your opinion. Always appreciated. Now, Enjoy the track. However way that may be.
  9. Finally got the time to put this up, So here it goes. This was my first project, and perhaps I tried to do something a bit too ambitious, But it was fun. I went for a multi style track of mainly rock and techno, With a bit of orchestration in there for flavor. The hardest part was trying to actually get a track so varied in style to sound good, Especially since I still have quite a bit to learn. Luckily, I got some help from from timaeus222. Without the help, It probably wouldn't sound half as good. So many thanks. I thought a bit on how I would start each Act, And since Act 1 and 2 needed to play into each other, I had to figure out the best way to do that. I found out, While screwing around in an audio editor, That playing part of the end to Act 1 backwards actually sounded quite nice as a transition. So I went with it. The beginning to Act 1 is rather sudden, Since I'm not sure how I wanted it, And doing another backwards section seemed like over doing it. In the end, I decided to go without a more unique beginning. The piano bit was something I decided to keep in Act 1, Since I felt it fit into the emotion of a Final Stage. The Lyrical Strings, And Brass (In Act 2 that is.) also add to it. The guitars, sythns, and Drums are more for the intensity of a Final Stage. Representing tension, Strain, Urgency, and all that stuff. I'd say that's enough explanation and rambling, Wouldn't you? Besides, Your not hear to hear me talk. Or rather type. Well, Not "Hear" me type, But... Err.. Let's move on, Shall we? Yes, There is actually a song at the end of that wall of text. Makes it worth while, Right?... R-Right?... Right... Enjoy, And let me know what you think. http://soundcloud.com/xumtosis/panic-puppet-zone-acts-1-2 I can only hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. While your there, You can... You know.. Look at some other stuff I made... If you want... All my other totally not unfinished things. I swear their done. Ignore the things that say WIP. It's a.. Err... Typo? Yeah, that. I have never had any idea how to end posts. Probably never will. This is the awkward part, When your not sure why I'm still typing, Or why your still reading. Err... Nice... Hat? Your probably not even wearing a hat. So, Thanks for reading through the ramblings of what I can only assume you think is a mad man. I'll just shut up now.
  10. Got the next versions done. Decided to go back a step and do them separate again. Just to try and tweak them a bit more. Updated the first post. Let me know what you think. Changed a bit up. Figured I may as well try a few things, Just to see how they sounded.
  11. I can send you the next versions when I have them done and I get a chance. I think I may make two separate tracks again, Just to tweak them both a little better. Just message me with how you want me to send them, And I'll get them to you. I can't thank you enough for helping me get this done. I would of hated to put it on hold. So, Thanks. It's appreciated.
  12. Those Demos only make it more painful that I don't have much money. I'm going to have to get quite a bit of money to be able to afford those, But I have a feeling it will be worth it. For now though, I think I'll have to try and get some help on this. It wouldn't sound right to me if there wasn't a guitar. So If I can't get someone to collaborate, I'll probably wind up putting this on hold, Until I can do it myself. Not quite sure who to ask, Or really even how, But Well... I guess I'll have to figure that out. Well, You guys have bin very helpful. I can't thank you enough. Hopefully I can get a bit of help to finish this one off. I'd hate to put it on hold, But I'd hate it even more if I couldn't get the song to sound right. Err.... You wouldn't by chance be willing or available to help me finish this... Would you? Maybe a little bit. Tiny bit? I'll just... Stop now. I MAY not be very good with people. Possibly. Little bit. Tiny bit? I used that joke already. I'm just going to stop typing now. Can you tell I'm not good at starting or ending these things yet? Is it that obvious?
  13. Yeah, Both tracks are about where I like them in their concepts. I just need to find the right tweaks for them now. Act 2 is the most out of it, Since it's an older version, But it came out better then I though, Concept wise at least. The levels in Act 2 are rather off. I'm actually using a mix of electric and rock drum kits. I like the mix between them. Makes it so the songs still have a bit of techno, Like the originals. Although I may have to tweak with it a bit still, So I can get a good mix. I'm not sure. I do like how it sounds, But maybe I should try a test or two with either full one, Or the other. The levels of the drums still needs work, Either way. The main problem to me, Would have to be the guitars. Yes, I am using FL Slayer. While sometimes, I actually like how they turn out, Most of the time, They tend to sound far to mechanical. While that sounds good in certain songs, It tends to sound rather off in most. Unfortunately, Since I myself can't play a guitar, I'm going to have to try and find some samples that are high quality. Hopefully, I can find some that will work. Next version will have an actual transition between acts. I may wind up reusing The current Act 1, Since it turned out quite well, and It already has somewhat of a transition at the end. So I'd have something to work with. I'll see. Thanks for the feedback. It helps a lot, And is greatly appreciated. Let's hope I can get this thing to sound right by the end, Eh?
  14. Next version finish. Made a rough outline for both Acts Together. Updated the Original post.
  15. Yeah, The volumes are rather out of order in the current tracks. Still getting the hang of tweaking them effectively. I would love to get real guitars, But that's probably not going to happen. For a first project, I think it should be fine though. Besides, I can always come back at a later date and rework it, If I have the ability to improve the track. I think I'll start on the next version soon. Perhaps I can try and get some guitar samples first, and mess around with some tests. See if I can get some better sounding guitars. If not, I'll just have to deal with it for now. Thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated.
  16. Hello there. Err... Nice weather we're having.... Isn't it? I'm not good at starting these. So let's get on with it. Shall we? So, I decided a good way to help me improve, Is to start a song project. As I progress through the project, I hope to become more skilled, and in the end, Have a complete song that turns out good. On to the actual song. Now, I tried to think of what to do for my first project, and while I was messing around practicing, and trying some new things out, I decided I may as well do a song from the first game I ever played. Sonic 3D Blast, On The SEGA Saturn. I figured the best way to start making music would be a song from the first game I played. And what better way to start something then with the last level... Right? I though about which Act to do. In the end though, I couldn't make up my mind. So I figured why not do both as one song. Right now, I haven't made a version with both together, Only separate pieces. That is the next step. Before I start though, I want to try and get some feedback, See what people like, or dislike, what is wrong, and so forth. After a little bit of feedback, I'll start to work on the first version of the final version. Hopefully I can get a solid enough track, And be able to refine it from then on. Enough Rambling, And let's get to the actual tracks. Let me know what you think: Act 1: http://soundcloud.com/xumtosis/panic-puppet-zone-act-1 Act 2: http://soundcloud.com/xumtosis/panic-puppet-zone-act-2-version-2-wip If you want you can check the older versions I have up, And let me know if I'm actually improving. They should be the first two tracks I uploaded. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: I now have a very rough outline of both Acts together. It's for concept proof more then anything. So forgive the lack of any transition. Here it is: http://soundcloud.com/xumtosis/panic-puppet-zone-act-1-2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Went back a step, In order to do a bit more refining. Only have Act 1 right now, But I should have Act 2 soon. I'll add it below when I get it done. Let me know what you think. http://soundcloud.com/xumtosis/panic-puppet-zone-act-1-3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, Thanks for taking the time to read through my ramblings. Any feedback is appreciated.
  17. I do have problems with the volume of tracks, Mainly because I'm not completely sure what I'm doing. Sometimes it works, Sometimes it's all messed up. I'll do some more practices and tests, and try to get a few solid and improved tracks before I look for more feedback. Thanks for all the help and info. You'v bin very helpful. Now, Hopefully next time I have something to show, It will be a good track. Or at least the start of one. or at least better then they are now. Better would be nice. Thanks again. Now, I'v got some work to do. Alot of work probably. Thanks for taking the time to read and help.
  18. Good-day. Or Night. Or Both. Both? Nevermind. I'm rather new to all this, And figured a good way to help me get better at it would be to ask people who know what their talking about for some feedback and/or advise. It hasn't bin very long since I started, and since I never studied music before, This is all new. I decided if I'm going to get any good at this, Might as well start here and try to get a little help. I practiced a bit, and decided to start simple. All the songs listed are MIDIs with their sounds changed, With little, If any, Note Altering. Their just for reference. I'll start small, And work my way up. Well, These are the ones I think turned out the best. There's only a few, So I'll just link to my main soundcloud page for conviniance. Here it is: http://soundcloud.com/xumtosis I have to stress, These are only for reference on improvement. So don't expect them to be great. Any Feedback, Tips, Advice, Help, Or anything else is appreciated. Thanks for your time.
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