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    I've been learning myself to play the piano since 2008. I started composing a little about a year ago, and from 2012 I've now also started to use Reason in order to make mixes and such, electronic music, remixes and yea...
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  1. Mawnz

    finished High energy 8bit track

    I like it! You have some catchy melodies in there that makes you want to dig it! Nice use of different synths as well with many cool sounds! It all blends well together ^^ The only thing that I thought of was the synth being introduced at :16 second mark. It felt kind of overpowering, but further into the song you kinda get used to it. Reminds me of VVVVVV's soundtrack sometimes as well Good job nonetheless!
  2. Hi! Was some time ago I posted something here. I've made some new songs, and I've been trying to up the quality on my songs as well as finding a "sound" that I like Thinking of maybe trying a VGM remix now that I've learned some stuff Only made one, and that wasn't very good. Any way these are some video game-isch tunes I've made recently (and this year): I post stuff on Newgrounds almost only so, but maybe I can be more active here as well in the future if I get into VGM remixes ^^ I'm just curious if I'm headed in the right direction! (I'm still stuck using Reason 5)
  3. Mawnz

    finished Come on Dude

    Haha I love MegaMan tunes, so thanks a lot!
  4. Finished this about a month ago and I'm quite happy how it turned out. It's a VGM loop, let me know what you think!
  5. Mawnz

    Post your SoundCloud I try to hone me skills
  6. Mawnz

    wip WIP Music for 2D RPG

    Thanks for the reply A story outline is readable through google docs, and I haven't really read much to be honest so maybe I should get to it... What I do know is the main plot; a guys father went missing at young age and he now sets of to find him. I kinda don't want true 8-bit, but more like that it should resemble it, and at the same time feel a little original, but I agree with you. I'll post a link to the story outline if someone would like to read a little
  7. Hello theeere. I've done some composing for a little more than a year now, and about two months ago I was asked to make the music for a 2D RPG game in progress by a guy in college having it as a side project. It's kind of old-school so I figured I'd want it to have that feel while being at least a little original, I guess. So I thought I'd show the community here what I've done so far, and I really want to make a good job with this being the first time my music will be used for something , even though I'm doing this as a volunteer. All songs are Work In Progress of course since I have quite a lot of time before it's supposed to be finished, and I might also remove songs along the way and what not. OH WELL, Feedback is very much appreciated Cheers!!!! (Maybe a little overkill with the amount of text) Oh, and I'm self taught.
  8. Hiya! Been making music in Reason 5 for a year now, and I'm looking to improve as I make my music. I haven't really learned how to use the compressor, maximizer, and so on, properly (I think?). Any way I know that many people here are very experienced in this matter, you also tend to give good as well as constructive feedback, so I thought I'd learn from you all These are the songs: Hopefully I can have a remix up here soon too! Cheers. /Måns
  9. Ugh I'll just post another version of the song
  10. Weeeeell here it is! The bass might be a little weak?
  11. Thank you! And yes the bass kind of gets lost because of the snare drum so a couple of adjustments is not bad at all will see see I can do!
  12. Would be glad if you could take a listen.
  13. Here's the link: I appreciate feedback.
  14. Hi! My very first post here @OCremix, well apart from my remix submission two days ago at least. I made this sad piece in reason 5 a couple of weeks ago that I'm quite happy with I'm looking to improve my composing and such here so I appreciate constructive feedback. I am also into learning mixing/remixing etc. so I figured this site would be a good place to get started since I've heard so many good remixes of tunes I love here! The song: