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  1. So, you guys can fund the site for like 10 years now, right?
  2. If we're at the $50 level, can we just up our pledge to $100 in dollar amount (though not reward level) and get a copy of the Final Fantasy IV album?
  3. Not to sound overly antagonistic, but if I up my pledge to the $100, is Sega getting properly compensated from me buying a Sonic album from you guys? Or is this one sorta slipping under the legal radar? I want to support what you guys do (hence my $50 pledge already), but I like to do the right thing by everyone and just want to make sure before I change my pledge to move into the $100 slot.
  4. It seems like, with all 1500 copies available at $50 now sold out, the Kickstarter might have hit a bit of a snag? Are you guys planning to do a higher run, in case the final days of the campaign see a surge of pledges?
  5. Thank you for confirming this. Many here will probably disagree, but I think it's always important to have the blessing of the original creator or the currently rightsholder before releasing something (especially something like this where there's money changing hands). Big props to the OCR team for taking the high road! Also, while my opinion of SE has dwindled the last few years, it's great to see them allowing something like this rather than their usual C&D tendencies.
  6. Does OCR have to pay royalties on the printing of the FF7 albums, as well?
  7. Howdy I'm new here, but I joined up to say I've backed this project. I think it's really cool that you guys were able to revive this. I understand there's an NDA in place, but was working with SE easy enough that you'd do it again for future projects? It might be really cool if you guys could, at some point, at least post a bit about the process of getting in touch with SE and how you worked with them to get an agreement in place (even if you can't disclose the what's of that agreement). It could be really helpful for other people in the future who want to tackle a similar project if th
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