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  1. Hands down the best album on here. There is literally one song that I don't like, and that simple a matter of not liking the genre. Really wish I hadn't missed the kickstarter, would love to have a physical copy of this. Now I'm going to start hoping for a Final Fantasy IX album that I would absolutely donate to.
  2. Been sick the past couple of days, so I'm just getting to check this. No worries, take your time. Honestly, I'm really liking the direction you're taking the remix in, can't wait to hear more.
  3. Ha, you guys are awesome. I grew up playing the hell out of this game and always found the boss songs to be awesome, but they aren't really songs I can blast in my car, much to short for that. Skolar, really like what you've got so far, can't wait to hear the end result. Here's a video of the level and boss itself, don't know if that'll help inspire you or not, but either way. The boss fight starts at 1:01 Kanohi, looking forward to seeing what you do with the song. Sadly all 3 songs are really short, which is what ultimately cause me to seek out some remixes for them, no better place for th
  4. I apologize if I shouldn't be asking here, but has a release date been announced yet? I know the digital version is slated for mid-December, but the previews I heard make that vague release date real bothersome (as in the previews make me want it yesterday). Either way, amazing work based on the previews I heard!
  5. Alright, there's an pretty old and relatively unknown NES game called Cabal. The music in the game is composed by David Wise and I personally find it to be excellent, especially given that this is NES we're talking about. Sadly, it's doesn't seem like there is a single remix for the game on here. Understandable given how few people know it, but something I'd love to see change. Anyway, here's a link to the first 3 boss battle songs from the game. If someone would like to remix any of them, I'd find that person to be extremely awesome. And of course, as this is simply a request, if you don't, n
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