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  1. This one really hurts. Until I heard "Inner Universe" I never considered listening to an anime theme outside of watching a show. That track changed all of that and to this day I have "Inner Universe" and "Rise" on rotation on my daily playlist. RIP ORiGA

  2. When I heard Demon, Fiend & Goddess, you know what popped in my head?


    If you guys had gone full Boston with that track, it would have been hilariously epic, in a fresh way. It's a solid entry, just underwhelming against all the epicness that precedes it. At least this time.

    Anywho, I'll have a full review of my own on it's way, I've had a chance to listen to everything now at least twice. Fantastic work from all comers.

    HAHA yeah! sounds like "Smokin' off their self-titled album...very good point!

  3. Dancing Mad was not a track dropped for time reasons, even though it was one of the last ~10 or so completed. I chose the style I did (classic progressive rock) because I feel that other artists have remixed Dancing Mad to perfection in a more straightforward epic style with metal & orchestral elements. For example, the Black Mages' version, Prince of Darkness' 'Prancing Dad', and virt's original take on it, to name a few. I saw little sense in repeating the excellent work those artists have done, and instead chose to look at Uematsu's own inspirations; namely, bands like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes, Genesis, etc.

    Here are a few examples that inspired me. These may have been among the very same songs that influenced Uematsu himself when writing the original track. Just listen to parts of Tarkus and you'll hear what I mean!


    Regarding a change in tone, or the lack of 'malice', I think that may simply be the way we chose to cut down on the repetition + length of the original. Rather than sticking very closely to the long, dirge-like, baroque-inspired sections with heavy church organ and long solos, I sought to condense things into a shorter piece that had a higher average energy level. Again, other artists have done the full 12+ minute version very well and while I could have gone for that approach, I just don't think it would have been adding anything new or musically interesting to the world of game remixes.

    I worked hard to create an interpretation of the original that switched up the rhythms, harmonies, and melodies in a way that I believe Mr. Uematsu would respect, given the type of source material that heavily influenced this arrangement; not to mention the cameos of "I Like to Live in America" and "Fanfare for the Common Man", two staples of ELP :-) It appeals to the prog rock aspect of the original track over the heavily baroque and slower portions, and though I knew from the start that some people would miss those sections, I would definitely do it again the same way if given the chance.

    Either way, I appreciate you listening to this piece and the rest of the album!

    Wow, a personal response,

    Well, I totally get it man, and I appreciate that you created your own thing. I wasn't expecting everything to be my cup of tea or the way I would do it cause obviously I wasn't the one doing it! lol

    I still enjoy the track, it just didn't go where I would have, but your totally right with "Prancing Dad" and some of those other mixes being almost perfect and very difficult to distance the sound from to be original. What you came up with still rocks my socks off, but I suppose I just like a little more "cut me into pieces and spread me out over the yard" kind of shredding when it comes to my evil mastermind final boss themes! lol

  4. I still plan on remarking on some of the other pieces, but I wanted to remark on something while it's fresh in my mind. Dancing Mad is one of my favorite FF6 tracks, and I definitely see where you were going with it, Sixto and zircon, and it's cool, but...am I the only one who feels like there's an underlying malice in the original track that's sort of missing in "Demon, Fiend, and Goddess"? To me, the underlying malice is a huge part of the original track.

    I can see how you guys wanted to put some of your own flavor on it, and I can dig that, I guess I'll put it diplomatically and say it's not a choice I would've thought to make. Now, take this with a grain of salt given:

    -Dancing Mad might be, in terms of a single piece, my favorite game track ever (though as an entire soundtrack, FF6 is second to Chrono Trigger) so I probably had impossible to meet expectations coming in.

    -I haven't given that particular piece multiple listens yet, and it's quite possible it will grow on me on repeat listens.

    -Based on the backer updates I kind of surmise that possibly zircon and Sixto had to scramble a little as the original person who was tasked with Dancing Mad wasn't keeping up with deadlines, and if this is the case, I can't imagine how tricky it was to pick up the slack.

    -Like I said, it IS a cool take, and it's quality work.

    I suppose I only bring this up out of curiosity to see if I'm the only one who feels that way. Certainly not trying to start any conflict; the album as a whole is incredible and well beyond anything I could've imagined and I'm still SUPER hyped to get my physical copy and utilize it proudly. I just was interested in maybe starting some dialogue. =)

    Actually I was listening to it earlier today and I felt the same way. Quality work and production values but it seemed like the chaotic aura that comes with that source track was unfortunately missing. I still like and appreciate what we got but I think a little more doom and gloom in the sound to compliment the chugging guitars would have pushed it to the next level!

    Still, overall I'm totally happy with what we got from this release and will be listening to it plenty in the next couple months!

  5. ok, I finally just finished Disc 2...wow...that entire Opera sequence from "The Nightmare Oath (Overture) through Till We Meet Again (Aria de Messo Carattere) was just fantastic! If there was any one spot of the soundtrack I was more unsure of with this album being made it was that part and you all did a fantastic job! "The Impressario" coming out as my favorite of the three tracks (definitely the Queen influence as many have stated). Still coming down off the nostalgia high!

  6. Anyone else get a Ghost in The Shell "Inner Universe by Origa" vibe from the Smoke and Clouds track on disc 1? Not that I mind cause that's one of my most favorite anime tracks ever, but it had a very similar vibe to me as this remix.

    Great job btw to the whole crew!! I'm so glad this album is rockin' it! I can't wait to get my hard copy of FF Remix discs I got from the kickstarter!

  7. I just can't do it, most remixes on this site make sense to me in some way or I can see what they were going for. This one takes probably one of Nobuo Uematsu's greatest musical triumphs and completely obliterates it. I will state this up front, I am not a fan of rap and most of it I find completely irritating (so there is no doubt some bias), but I understand its purpose and function. (For example the Asterix Niggaz 4 Life remix is fun despite its genre due to its originality and goofy lyrics).

    I realize this remix is rather old and I hate posting negative reviews, but I felt like I needed to say something about this one in particular because of how much it truly bothered me.

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