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  1. Thank you very much Mr. Nelson. I've been looking for a soundfont like that for ages. Good free choir sounds are hard to come by. Thanks again.
  2. That is just a matter of finding the right sample or soundfont you want. You can search through the various free soundfont sights like www.hammersound.net and www.bananaquarts.com and see if any of those strike your fancy. I'm sure there are some decent free choir samples out there. There is a crappy one in one of the FL sample folders. If you don't have any luck there, you might try some place like www.bigfishaudio.com and lay down a little cash (or a lot) for some high quality samples. Some of the online sample dealers will even sell individual sample downloads from 2 to 10 bucks each. Hope that gives you a start.
  3. How about reading the previous page in this thread. While you're at it, read the entire thread and many more questions will be answered.
  4. You can move the midi information from one track to another. Get in piano roll for the track you want to copy. Click on the little piano icon in the upper left corner of the piano roll window. Edit-select all (or ctrl+A). Edit-copy. Then open piano roll for the soundfont channel you wish to move the data to. Click the little piano icon again. Edit-paste. This will move the midi data for the entire length of the pattern. Don't know if that is what you are asking or not.
  5. Thank you, Starla, for your response. Oh well, waiting for another update.
  6. Know of any way to make a 3rd party vst respond to slides? Or is this a feature not yet addressed by the current wrapper?
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