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  1. Thanks for your answer I agree whith almost everything you said but not whith "not very impressive resulting piece" even because this depends on by who and how the piece is done Anyway I really appreciated that you at least considered the idea and made a quick analysis before you discarded it and then you spent time to explain me why. One day maybe I'll try to learn how to do this by myself but know I'm busy whith 3D study so till that day I'll have to wait
  2. In this case sorry but maybe next time add a comment more than the link only.. Anyway if you read carefully what I wrote ... ..and more of these this post was not about a simple remix but about a sort of fusion between 2 similar themes. Probably nobody will ever do this but I'd like to see the post clean from OT
  3. I've listened to it and I can't find a good reason to post the link here.. but probably you just wanted to gain some free views on the tube.. At least next time try to write anything more than the link to justify the OT.
  4. (an answer! ) you're absolutely right about almost everything but: -I'm quite sure that the clean chorus from liberi fatali can be found somewhere (and in the remix you just linked seems the author had it.. -It's really hard to do it and i know (this is why i wrote "big challange") but recently I found this on the tube: that is a "fan remake" from the epic (still not released) music of FF Versus Trailer.. I think the quality is really good (not the same of the original but close enough) and if someone has been able to do this then even my idea could be done maybe
  5. ok guys this is the concept: you probably all know Liberi Fatali.. Maybe you also know Death Note..well in Death Note Ost there is a track that really reminds to me of Liberi Fatali: Low of Solispism. Anyway here you can listen at them: Liberi Fatali http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnv5F-etIHc Low of Solipsism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExxFuR8kOgM I think a sort of mix of these 2 songs could really be epic but it should be in the same style (orchestral) not dance,techno,rock or whatever please.. I think the base song should be the 2nd but whith chorus from Liberi Fatali..BUT you're the artist not me so.. if you like the idea let's see what you can do whith it!
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