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  1. Added the soundtrack of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge ( , IBM-PC , , and )
  2. Added the soundtrack of the from early 1990.
  3. Good thing it worked this time Still I would recommend you to try to contact MEGA staff, they'll likely suggest you other things to try and fix your problem.
  4. @The Coop: Did you manage to fix your problem with MEGA? Also, added OPM+MT-32 version of
  5. Thanks Most likely yes. Have you tried to contact the guys at MEGA? They could help you solve the issue, but a few things you could try before contacting them: What browser do you use and is it the latest version? Did you try to install their app/extension/add-on/whatever? Here's their extension for Firefox, and for Chrome/Chromium. These two also help a lot with reducing the CPU required when parsing/downloading/uploading stuff, and add some more security when uploading stuff Let me know if it works.
  6. Added DinoPark Tycoon ( , IBM-PC , , , )Also added (lonewolf)And as a quick reminder, feel free to follow the Twitter account I made and subscribe to the Reddit community.
  7. Made a Twitter account a few days ago, so if you're interested and wish to, follow it for updates of the stuff that I post
  8. Added Doom and a few of it's ports (3DO, IBM-PC AdLib + GeneralMIDI + SB Pro2, SNES)
  9. Added the soundtrack for Maniac Mansion (Amiga + Apple II + C64 + PC-Speaker + Famicom + NES + Tandy) Also made a reddit community to replace the old contact form that was malfunctioning, so in case you want to contact me or see all the stuff I posted on the project, that's the best place to go Subscribe if you wish.
  10. Been a while since I posted anything here, and in the meantime I worked on the following soundtracks: Mad TV (IBM-PC AdLib + Amiga) Detana! Twinbee (X68000 OPM + MT-32 + PC-Engine + Arcade) Castlevania X68000 (OPM + MT-32) Superfrog (Amiga only) And today I added Loom (Amiga + IBM-PC AdLib + GameBlaster + MT-32 + PC-Speaker + PC-Engine/TurboGrafx16 + Macintosh II + Tandy). Enjoy
  11. Added the soundtracks for the following games: Aerobiz / Air Management: Oozora no Kakeru (Mega Drive + SNES + PC-98 + X68000) Supaplex (Amiga + IBM-PC AdLib + MT-32 + SoundBlaster Pro2 + PC-Speaker) Jazz Jackrabbit (Original + Holiday Hare + CD Expansion) Monkey Island (Amiga + FM-Towns + IBM-PC AdLib + GameBlaster + MT-32 + PC-Speaker + Macintosh II + Tandy) Also I fixed many of the older sets, updated the tagging and fixed the MT-32 sets for the LSL series. Make sure you re-download them in case you downloaded them previously.