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  1. Dear all, You may have heard that I am hoping to remix all of my best Amiga tracks from the Team 17 games and others to modern day standard and release them on a double CD album to be funded via Kickstarter. To explain kickstarter, you pledge your payment for the CD but you are only charged if my target is met, which means I can make the CD. You can find out about it here : I also want to include one guest tracks on the CD and two runners up on a USB stick. To do this I am running a competion open to all backers who have pledged to buy the CD, either digitally or the physical copy. You are invited to produce a remix of ANY team 17 game track written by myself. This should be to modern day production standards and CD quality. The winner will have their track appear on the album and be fully credited. From my intial 500 copy run They will recieve 5 CD's for their efforts to give to friends and family and of course more if I make a second pressing over and above the initial run. The second and third places will have their tracks on the USB stick and recieve one additional copy of the album each, and again more if I make a second pressing. The tracks will be judged by myself only and the decision will be final. Entries should be sent to via a link where I can down the audio file from. Have fun! Allister