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  1. hey, thanks for the great comments, ive been away for a bit due to computer problems, but im hoping to have those resolved and even (fingers crossed) upgraded soon. i have a small favor to ask for anyone willing to take a few minutes to do it... i am going to school to eventually write/work on video game music and i would like to use this as my first profile piece in the VG genre, though it desperately needs an upgrade to the sound quality. anyone willing to take a minute and comment, please, tear this piece apart and let me know what can/should/needs to be fixed. also @darksim, yeah old rare is awesome, but rarelel is an old gamertag that basically became me and i prefer rare for short
  2. yeah i know... the lack of human touch kinda kills the piece. thats really the best i can do without making several more identical tracks to mess with velocities which is honestly more work than its worth in garage band :/ but you think the bpm could come down a little? interesting thought, ill play with that and see where that goes if all goes well i should be able to get at least a BS'd live recording by the end of january, im not 100% on this piece despite having written it
  3. this is a minimalistic composition i wrote at the piano a few years back and transcribed into finale, then garageband. note, its not live, but im working on that :/ Archaic Dances it is an experiment in repetition, pushing the limits on sanity before releasing the tension. also, im working on a drum remix, but i have little talent in live percussion and software percussion is not all that great :/
  4. hey everyone, i have been lurking around this site for about 4 years now and decided i wanted to take part in the awesomeness of remixing. anyways... i dont have any gear for recording live sounds and right now all i have is garageband since my finale is glitching out saying its no longer registered after 3 years. but heres an arrangement of MP2:E's sanctuary fortress in a bit of a dnb style Digital Haven im calling it done for the moment due to lack of gear and such, but i will continue to work on it when i have time.
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