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  1. I realize I am to wrapped up working with my band's record to work on this project. I hope to work on the From Inside the Earthen Pipe sometime in the summer. However I can not commit to it.
  2. Hi Everyone! I'd like to work on the track: From Inside the Earthen Pipe. This is my favorite version of the underground BGM from the original Super Mario Brothers. I have already started experimenting with vocal work for the pad elements. I'd like to make it an electronic smooth jazz fusion. Mimicking the tone and percussion from 'La Habanera' by Yello off of the 'One Second' Album. Particularly 2 minuets in to the track. I expect to have something to show of it by May 10th. Edit: I'm seriously liking Tadpole Mix-tape. I might suggest a variant of what DaMonz said: Trip to the Sta
  3. I've been talking to Joe Cam. It seems there may already be plans to do a OCRemix Re-release. However He and I think it would be best to just make a new collection altogether. I am eager to get both happening.
  4. Thank you for curing my ignorance Rexy. I apologize to anyone who may be offended by this. I await Joe Cam's input on the matter.
  5. I am interested in gathering a collection of loseless tracks from the Bound together project. If you are not familiar you should check it out: http://www.wushuplaya.com/boundtogether/. I have already begun contacting artists. If your interested PM me and we could set up an FTP or make other arrangements. I would like to start conversation about what to name the project. Here are some things I've been thinking: EarthBoundTogether, Rebound... Here is one song I'm currently interested in that is not on the boundtogether web-sight. Artist - Song title djpretzel - Earthbound Twoson Hi
  6. This is my favorite Remix compilation far. I work in vibration control and loud speaker manufacturing for High End 2 channel. This is my reference CD. I am blown away by how great this soundtrack came out. I was not expecting this after listening to some of the other sound tracks. Thank You! This is the best of the best in terms of fidelity and composition!
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