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  1. I don't think this is a good idea for you guys. It actually accepts all my dubstep mixes without any further evalution while it rejected all my other style mixes. So everyone will here too much dubstep and the home of ocremix will become the home of dubstep. Where is the world going to?

    This is the generation of dubstep, my friend. I suggest you get used to it, because it's probably not going anywhere soon (both dubstep and the JUDGANATOR)

  2. Hello, so i downloaded Steam and TF2, played for a few hours offline with some bots, read the beginner's faq written by Evertsen on the Steam forums and would really like to try this online if you guys are noob friendly/tolerant. The last fps i have played were battlefield 2 and Counter-Strike some 7-8 years ago.

    I have and old pc and my frames per second are not great, average between 20-40, but nonetheless this seems really a fun game.

    You should be fine. I'm honestly still a noob after almost a year of playing XD.

    Just watch out for Gamemaster's Sentries.

  3. So far I'm liking this game a lot. Although I'm still angry about spending an hour fighting the Penguin UFO, only to have the item disappear before I got to it.

    I'm also waiting for an inventory editor to come out so I can regain the piano i lost to glitches.

  4. took a look at the server, no one was on sadly.

    Yeah, sorry about that. I was out most of the day, and just got home. I originally intended to test the server while I was out, but wound up not having internet. :sad:

    I'm actually going to try a Pirate Invasion when some people are on the server. I'll just have to beat the WoF first.

  5. If anyone is looking for a 1.2 server, I have one set up. Just be aware that it is running on a pretty old computer. I have yet to really stress test it (Unless "stress test" includes me and Frost going crazy with confetti guns next to a slime grinder), but it seems to be working fine.


    Also, this update is awesome. Why? Walking goldfish. Enough Said.

  6. To give an example of the map votes that popped up recently, here was one such situation:





    Here was another (I believe this happened more than once as well):




    [insert map I forgot]


    arena_offblast (or another arena map) usually gets nominated by me or Frost whenever possible.

    The Backwards maps and Badwater Variations seem to be everyone trolling everyone else. Give it a while, and it should stop.

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