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  1. This is the generation of dubstep, my friend. I suggest you get used to it, because it's probably not going anywhere soon (both dubstep and the JUDGANATOR)
  2. BUG REPORT: So... It appears that the Judganator has trouble recognizing White Noise. This was it's reaction to a white-noise track that I made in Audacity: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bo32pvvgzn11s98/Screenshot%20%28349%29.png You guys should probably fix this.
  3. You should be fine. I'm honestly still a noob after almost a year of playing XD. Just watch out for Gamemaster's Sentries.
  4. So far I'm liking this game a lot. Although I'm still angry about spending an hour fighting the Penguin UFO, only to have the item disappear before I got to it. I'm also waiting for an inventory editor to come out so I can regain the piano i lost to glitches.
  5. I actually found this website because this page used to play bLiNd's "Temple Trance".
  6. Chris [5069-4487-6729] Leaf (Hooray for unoriginality!), Oranges.
  7. Pika22


    Yeah, sorry about that. I was out most of the day, and just got home. I originally intended to test the server while I was out, but wound up not having internet. I'm actually going to try a Pirate Invasion when some people are on the server. I'll just have to beat the WoF first.
  8. Pika22


    If anyone is looking for a 1.2 server, I have one set up. Just be aware that it is running on a pretty old computer. I have yet to really stress test it (Unless "stress test" includes me and Frost going crazy with confetti guns next to a slime grinder), but it seems to be working fine. IP: Also, this update is awesome. Why? Walking goldfish. Enough Said.
  9. Pika22

    Pokemon MMO

    Does anyone (EDIT: Here. Just adding extra detail to be safe ) still play this? I'm kinda late to the party...
  10. I found a D.J. Hat the other day, and I just HAD to do this... THAT SCOUT'S A BLOODY SPY!
  11. Well, I've gotten the first room/section of the building that I'm making in BraveNewWorld done, and I just need to decorate it. Screenshots
  12. Hey, What is the "BraveNewWorld" warp, exactly? All there is is a circle to spawn on, and an unfinished bridge. Since it doesn't seem important, I'm gonna build a Lodge or something near there.
  13. arena_offblast (or another arena map) usually gets nominated by me or Frost whenever possible. The Backwards maps and Badwater Variations seem to be everyone trolling everyone else. Give it a while, and it should stop.
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