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  1. First of all, let me just say I am deeply offended that you felt the need to question my profession as a music teacher. I am a fabulous teacher. Since 1997, I've facilitated general music instruction to hundreds of children. I’ve provided guidance, mentoring, and motivation to troublesome hip-hop-loving (or nowadays it seems to be dubstep-loving) hooligans who now appreciate the beauty of classical music (although I do tolerate and profess other styles). I’ve had students approach me and say “thank you” for correcting their terrible taste and setting them on a path to a better musical
  2. OC ReMix is a place I visit once in a while to check out the latest mixes, and it has always saddened me that DKC3 (my favorite DKC game) had always been shafted with only a couple tracks. That’s why I don’t think ANYTHING could have topped the excitement and shock I felt when I found out about this album. I loved Kong in Concert and Serious Monkey Business, so much that I downloaded this album immediately and set aside the whole day to dive into the world of Double the Trouble! I even registered on here a day ago hoping to talk about how much of a masterpiece the album is. ...and um.... I’m s
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