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  1. You should really check this stuff out. Hey, it's Dave Wise returning after all. And yes, you will hear some familiar melodies in there!
  2. Just a small update - I managed to find a tool which let me convert the files without any problems, so it's all fine!
  3. Could be, but I already re-downloaded the 3 files to make sure of that, and the problem was still there, so I don't really know. But if you have a chance to send me the files, I sure would love to try that. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello there, I have a question about the FLAC's in this set. There are three FLACs in the set which somehow I can't get to work; -4-08 Sea Breeze Concerto (Stilt Village GBA) [Monkey Kong feat. David Wise] -5-04 Treetop Intense (Treetop Tumble) [Danton F.] -5-08 Banana Revolution Slam-the-Breaks Edit (Cranky's Showdown) (Flexstyle vs. J. Covenant, AkumajoBelmont) When I try to play or decode them, I get this error message: (FLAC_FILE_DECODER_SEEKABLE_STREAM_DECODER_ERROR) So, this set is out for a little while and no one complained about that, so... I guess the problem is on my end? Eith
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