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  1. I'm also willing to consider Kontakt 5 as well, I bought the Komplete elements but there just aren't enough sounds. Can anyone recommend kontakt 5? I think It's a tie between Kontakt 5 and EWQL...even though I do love the sound of the strings for Vienna
  2. Yeah I got kontakt. I got the kontakt sample library package (the one where you get a little bit of everything) The strings are vienna, it's just a single string ensemble, but I do like the sound. Like you say it's a bit dry, but with reverb it sounds a lot more convincing. I used it for that video i posted
  3. Here's an examples of the type of music I write. This was made using Native Instruments (New York Grand Piano), and the sample library which came with just a single string ensemble. Based on this, would you say my music is more suited to EWQL or Vienna?
  4. ok cool, thanks for your advice! Sounds like you prefer EWQL out of the 2? To be honest, I might give it a try, it seems like a very good deal especially with the 50% promotion they have going on. There's something about Vienna I do like though, but it does look like it has a steep learning curve.
  5. Ah ok, is there anyway to remove the excess reverb on EWQL? I'm pretty inexperienced in terms of reverb, I've heard also that Vienna samples are very dry. Is it just the case of finding a reverb you like, adding it, and adjusting? If so, that wouldn't put me off giving it a try.
  6. Hi guys, I just needed some advice on a few orchestral libraries. I'm a pretty inexperienced composer in terms of software, and I'm looking to upgrade to a slightly more full package. I've been working with Native Instruments for the most part of the last 2 years, and only really bought bits and pieces here and there. I bought a piano plug in, and the Native Instruments sample package. I write primarily for piano and strings, but I am looking to expand to a full orchestra, but at an entry level for budget. I've been researching Vienna Symphonic Special Edition, and East West Quantum Leap symphonic Gold. The Vienna comes in at around £316, and East West have a promotion on for 50% off a lot of their libraries until the end of December. (This sounds tempting.) A friend highly recommends the East West Gold package. It really does sound tempting, but I'm not entirely convinced by the strings. On initial opinion, they sound a bit fake, especially the legato strings. I've heard samples from both, and Vienna strings in my opinion, has the more convincing string sounds. I've heard Vienna has a pretty steep learning curve, and many have said that as a package, East West is the way to go as it can be easily accessed straight from the box. What are your opinions on both of these packages in particular? If you have experience with either, I'd love to know! Thanks a lot!
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