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  1. We never claimed it to be official. But we do have a lot of OCRemixers on board, and we're still actively recruiting.
  2. Welcome to the Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series soundtrack/score thread.This project was officially started on February 5th, 2013 by Dan A. Purcell. Director::FFVII_TheSeries ( Dan A. Purcell)(Dan A. Purcell)Project: Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series (Live Action) Timeline: We plan to finish by February 2014. Episode 1 WIP deadline (any kind of WIP) is June 2013, second deadline (finished arrangement) is August 2013, and Series 1 deadline is September 2013. Confirmed Personnel: XPRTNovice, OmniPsyence, GirlzMelon, SkyRiderX. Tracklist: In Progress Remixers: In Progress # Of Completed Works: In Progress # Of Works-In-Progress: In Progress
  3. Is it possible to get our name on here? regarding our project, Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42647 Actively recruiting.
  4. Also, to see some of our updates please check out http://www.facebook.com/finalfantasyviithewebseries
  5. Pixel, great point. We don't feel we can incorporate much of the genre or style of some of the VotLS tracks, which is why we were looking for a brand new collaborative effort. We've gotten some pretty big names attached to the project since this thread went up, in Music, Art, and Film Production, and we'd still love you guys on board. Some of the talent here is just mind boggling. I know you guys probably get people in here all the time caliming to be doing the next best thing and making false promises, and wth the FF:VI Balance & Ruin/Square-Enix situation, some people may be nervous - well we ARE making the next best thing we're here to stay, and we're here to ask the best remixers around to come do it with us!
  6. Liontamer, thanks for your reply. Great idea! It's a lot more difficult than I thought to get these guys together, I don't think many of them have seen this thread. We'd love to talk to some of the people involved with Balance and Ruin also, as we'd like to maybe get some helpful insight into how to approach our kickstarter.
  7. Ocremix Artists. thanks for your replies. Like I said, we love the talent here at ocremix and the facebook comment was simply bad wording. There was no intention of anything foul or to ill inform. We sincerely hope we can bring on many talents, such as yourself, to the project. We strongly believe that you guys are the best at what you do, and we would simply love to work with. My heartfelt apologies to anyone who we annoyed, offended, or confused with the post, and we hope it doesn't change any possible friendship we could have together. We made a simple InfoPack for you guys to have a look at, so I'll link it here. I really, really hope you guys can forgive us, and we can move forward together to create a wonderful project. Anyone looking to come on board as an individual artist, or any community admin looking to talk to us, please contact me at ffviimovie@gmail.com https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbk1so1gv2qppzn/InfoPack%20OCRemix.docx Regards, Daniel Purcell
  8. Personally, Myself and the 2 screenwriters have been massive fans of VotLS and were only looking to cross collaborate as film makers, and fans. We has no ill intentions or anything like that. We came here to simply work together on an exciting project, and maybe gets some tips off you guys in regards to Kickstarter and your agreement with Square-Enix, so that we could maybe have some idea on how to approach the situation. We wanted permission off every artist before we even considered using any OCRemix, also, out of sheer respect to you guys as a community.
  9. My sincerest apologies about the working of the Facebook post. It was not meant to be any indication of OCRemix on board as a whole entity. We simply wanted to alert people that several members of the community and artists from VotLS had given permission for us to use their music, and they has offered their service. We merely meant it in a community sense and not as a whole official collaboration. This is simply an innocent miss-communication. the post has been removed, also. I sense a lot of anger and hostility from the forum, though. We only came here to ask if we could work together, and we have mailed DJ Pretzel personally over a week ago and got no reply. Granted, an innocent mistake was made, but I feel that this could have been communicated back to us better rather than create a thread.
  10. DarkeSword, My sincerest apologies about the working of the Facebook post. It was not meant to be any indication of OCRemix on board as a whole entity. We simply wanted to alert people that several members of the community and artists from VotLS had given permission for us to use their music, and they has offered their service. We merely meant it in a community sense and not as a whole official collaboration. This is simply an innocent miss-communication. the post has been removed, also.
  11. Hi Guys, Sorry I haven't been posting in the thread much, we've been incredibly busy. I've gotten some heavy interest from a lot of artists, particularly acclaimed contributors to the Voices Of The Lifestream album, which is incredible! We really want you guys on board very, very badly! So here's an info pack that we made to give some key information. We're looking to get as many people on board to create the most incredible soundtrack, to what we promise will be the most incredible fan made production ever. I really hope to hear back from you soon, please e-mail me at ffviimovie@gmail.com if interested! Here's the link to the information pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbk1so1gv2qppzn/InfoPack%20OCRemix.docx Hope to hear from you soon!
  12. DarkeSword, my apologies for my sloppiness. I wasn't quite sure where to post. Perhaps a community member like yourself could help us out in regards to the project recruitment? I have already mailed Mr. Lloyd (DJPretzel), but have heard no reply.
  13. Dhsu, thank you very much sir! Would you be interested in remastering the track, or doing a new version? Please mail me at ffviimovie@gmail.com
  14. Hi Guys! We have a very exciting project announced over at http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42647 We need your talent!!
  15. Argos, Hakstock & HaHa_YouAint, You guys have raised some fantastic questions. Please forgive me if my answers are out of order, I'm using my cell phone in the back seat of the car and it's difficult to source the questions quickly. We will be sticking to the tracklist of the original game, in the order they appear. To help retain scenic and environmental atmosphere of each scene, I would try to depart slightly from anything trance or techno. These styles are of course welcome foe battle and boss themes. To a certain extent, there will be tryouts in a sense that we couldn't choose 19 versions of J-E-N-O-V-A in the web series, BUT we will be making an additional downloadable album along side, that will contain tracks inspired by, but not in the series. I am still on the fence about some things. For example, have different arrangements of the same song in different episodes. Like, one remixers version in EP1 and another in EP2. I will need to see how this translates, especially for continuity purposes. Deadline: filming is expected to start in Italy and the United States around June 2013. Perhaps Ireland and the U.K, too. So we have a little time. I am looking for "Anxious Heart, "Aeris Theme" and the main theme in around 4 weeks, for trailers etc. We are also making a documentary and weekly podcast, so I am open to original music in the FFVII style also. Right now, it's game on. Send me your music. I would also like to talk to a moderator/ site owner regarding publicity and promotional relationships if possible. Once again, thank you and I look forward to working with you all. P.S - Anyone interested in making a logo for the series?
  16. In a whole, we're looking for graphic artists, artists, designers, musicians etc. But right now, as music director, I need a score/soundtrack. VotLS is amazing. I was looking to A) Use the music or Go one step further, and create a whole new collaboration with the artists. Perhaps remaster the tracks, re-do them or even create new material. Together we could do some wonderful things. All musicians will have full credits, retain rights etc. Think of it as music inspired by Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series. It would be great publicity for both parties (Us and the community as a whole) and each individual artist. We're looking right now for some tracks for a publicity video. A collage of the teaser trailer and some behind the scenes footage. All in all, we're looking for the following: 1) A score for each episode. We have 2 written, both set in Midgar/Reactors/Wall Street etc 2) Scoring of the teaser trailers 3) We are also making a documentary on the project, so we could certainly do a 10 min segment on OCRemix and some interviews with the artists. So, how do I get you guys all collaborating like you once did for VotLS?
  17. Thank you for your reply and comments. We understand this is a big project, but we have the correct people behind us to make it work. We've also been backed (some public, some private) by some of the biggest names in gaming and journalism (example: http://kotaku.com/5940305/id-totally-watch-this-live+action-final-fantasy-vii-fan-film) We just need support. We want the biggest communities in gaming, as well as Final Fantasy. to help us. Which is why we've come to OCRemix. I know it's a lot to ask, but we're looking to create a score similar to that of Voices Of The Lifestream. This is a lot to ask, I know. But we want to bring all communities together to work on what we aim to be the largest fan made Final Fantasy project ever, and we only want the best and most dedicated.
  18. Guys, thank you so much for your reply's. We filmed this teaser trailer over the course of 2 weeks in Italy during the summer. The trailer you are about to see, was done as a means to show that we are basically serious. We used professional cosplay actors for the roles, as we felt they could bring the characters to life with heart, and also kept our overheads downs as they owned the costumes. These actors will not be in the final production, and the general visual stye will change. The basis of the screenplay will be based off of M.J Gallagher'ss novelization, which i a must read for any fan, Final Fantasy VII: A New Threat (http://www.lulu.com/us/en/shop/m-j-gallagher/final-fantasy-vii-a-new-threat/ebook/product-20520065.html) (https://www.facebook.com/FinalFantasyViiUnofficialNovel) So, here it is in HD. Our first teaser trailer. I hope you all enjoy, and look forward to hearing from you. https://www.facebook.com/FinalFantasyVIITheWebSeries http://www.twitter.com/FFVII_TheSeries ffviimovie@gmail.com www.ffviithemovie.com P.S - The Movie was a working title. It is now a web series. P.P.S - We would really love as much attention as possible in regards to front pages, website reviews, social media follwing and trending via FB and Twitter, so please spare a moment and help if you can. Daniel Purcell Screenwriter/Music Director Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series
  19. Ladies & Gentleman.. First off, let me just say thank you. For the many, many hours of enjoyable, captivating music. I've been a huge fan of this community for many years. The first OCRemix I ever listened to was "Ascension To Cosmo Canyon" by the late Reuben Kee, and "Metal Gear May Cry" By Jared Hudson Reuben, wherever you are, thank you for that beautiful experience. Now...why did I decide to sign up and speak my voice? Well, here's why. An amazing project, 10 years in the making. By the fans, for the fans.... My name is Daniel Purcell, and I am a producer, screenwriter and music director for the biggest Final Fantasy VII project ever. Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series. For many years, fans have longed to see AVALANCHE take down ShinRa on the silver screen. Not CGI. Not a college dorm movie. But a full production. I am part of a team that consists of the worlds most talented people. A team of professional movie makers, story tellers, producers, artist..my team includes individuals who have edited music video's for artists such as Taylor Swift, animation artists who have worked on the Ice-Age movies, a graphics editor who worked on the 2012 Olympic games, and a screenplay writer who probably wrote hands down the best novelization of Final Fantasy VII ever. (M.J Gallagher - Final Fantasy VII: A New Threat) I myself, am a musician, composer, actor and well, by day...an EMT and most importantly, a huge FF:VII fan. By the fans, for the fans... When it comes to music, it must captivate, engage and relate to every fiber of your given emotion. No music does that, such as the melodies of Nobuo Uematsu. And nobody take it to new heights like Overclocked Remix! I don't want to pay a stranger, who has no emotional connection to the series (Even if I HAD the money). I want to devise a team of people who want to make history... We are putting together the biggest and baddest live action series of a video game EVER! And I'm asking for your help... Voices Of The Lifestream, is hands down the most incredible 4 discs I've ever listened to. It's mind blowing. It made me feel things I haven't felt since I first heard the MIDI chimes of Anxious Heart and J-E-N-O-V-A... I'm calling the V.O.T.L.S team. I'm calling out the many, many talented musicians of this community to come on board and help us re-create those wonderful melodies once more, for Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series. Fantasy Becomes Reality... I don't know if I'm allowed to post links here, but please YouTube search for our first trailer Final Fantasy The Movie HD Trailer. (We were originally going to do a movie) please note the actors in this trailer are not the final cast. I look forward to hopefully working with you all, and I'm here to answer any and all questions. Daniel Purcell