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  1. Wrote this baby with old fruity loops over three years ago. Thinking about bringing it back and changing it up...(new drums needed, obviously). What do you guys think / suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Hmmm...ok, good to know. I didn't really arrange this tune with OCR in mind, and probably because I don't even really do any "mixing" haha. Anymore suggestions with this one? Seems like I'm pretty much expecting it to get kicked back though
  3. Funky, I thought this was cool, but as a fellow brass player, I would hate to be the tuba player haha.
  4. Argle: Thanks for the response! Ya I really didn't know what to expect as I'm really not an expert here, but really enjoy arranging/recording. I probably don't have the best equipment/software either, but it's a great hobby! Thanks for listening!
  5. Hey Everyone, Just finished and submitted my first attempt for evaluation. Do you think the judges will accept this? Any comments or thoughts are greatly appreciated for this rookie!! Sound Cloud Link: