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  1. The main theme of a legendary driving game with a Sepultura vibe. The MIDI can be downloaded on my site. I wrote it earlier this year, and it's quite a "freestyle" version (differs greatly from both the original AND my recording). http://www.johnfoe.com/devilcreations/tmp/Test_Drive_2_Hornanvasara_2014.mid Feel free to sub my tubechannel for upcoming headbanger covers! \,,/
  2. The concluding song of the upcoming Devil Creations 2nd album is extremely progressive and over 13 minutes in length - I call it a thrash metal symphony. I'd recommend it for old school Sepultura & Metallica fans. This is the first master mix / release candidate so constructive criticism about the mixing & sounds is welcome.
  3. Thanks for the tip... Uploaded the stuff in there, let's see if it gets published.
  4. Tips anyone? I did a bunch of remixes last year on Youtube... Later on, I had my remixes professionally mastered in a local studio (they sound a lot better now!) and I'd like to have them released as an EP. I already contacted OCR but they didn't answer, so who to contact next?? Here's a sample track (Youtube version with unmastered audio)
  5. Steamrolling groove and guitar solos, in the 90's heavy metal spirit: If you like it, throw us a comment & subscribe on Youtube - new stuff is coming out soon!! -- Hornanvasara / Devil Creations
  6. The 1982 arcade game with the legendary "Popcorn" (1969) by Gershon Kingsley as in-game music. I've only heard electropop versions of this legendary tune so I decided to make a metal arrangement. If you need the tabs for the metal version contact me through my website.
  7. If you like Metallica, Megadeth or heavy music in general you might find this interesting. Here's my cover / metal arrangement of the original Tomb Raider theme. Guitars, bass and acoustic drums are included - no synths used. See & hear on Youtube (home-made music video included as usual)
  8. I always considered Rambo Loader as one of the Ocean Loaders, it just never found its way to other games. - The tempo in both Ocean Loader 2 and Rambo Loader SID files is 187.50. - Both have the same key. Co-incidence??? I assume Martin Galway wrote these babies during the same session!
  9. The almighty Ocean Loader 2 completes the Heavy Metal Ocean Loader quadrology: Happy holidays to all remixers! // Hornanvasara
  10. It's nice you liked it. Btw. The legendary Ocean Loader 2 is coming up next, then I guess I'm finished with this Ocean tunes "quadrology".
  11. Ready for some old school sh*t? Here's my finished metal cover and home-made music video of the Commodore 64 Rambo (1985 video game) loading music. Original is written by Martin Galway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOcbSYJ6x2I Don't forget the original: // Hornanvasara
  12. The 4 is here as promised! With enhanced overall sound! Hear it, and see the home-made music video: For comparison, here's the original Commodore 64 version: Enjoy! // Hornanvasara
  13. Hello everyone. I already posted this on lemon64.com and I'd like to hear what people here think of it. The short story is, I have NEVER seen this on the Internet in _heavy metal version_, so I decided to record and FILM my own. Drums, guitars and bass are included (with somewhat decent sound quality). The original: If everything goes as planned the v. 4 might also be coming up, in full version of course! Cheers, Hornanvasara
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