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  1. Thanks muchly, I really appreciate it!

  2. DCT

    I've been meaning to update that post sometime this...decade. Anyway, here's the midi - http://sonicskillz.com/media/megaman2piano.mid

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding!


  3. Arguas

    Hey there!

    I wonder if you still get questions about this, but a few years back, you hosted a MIDI file for Jayson Litrio's "Doctor Wily's Wedding". Considering that I'm getting married in September, and I'd love for the piano portion to be played, I'd really like to get this midi to be able to get some sheet music for the organist. The website where this file used to be hosted looks like it is down, so I decided to ask you in person.

    Thanks in advance for any response, positive or negative :-)


  4. This guy is correct, actually. I run a windows 7 64-bit machine. While I could dual boot, I use various Windows plugins for unix-like shells to avoid the absolute crap shell that Windows provides by default. For how I picked up LMMS, I ran a google search looking for recommended software for someone starting out and learning new music tools, and LMMS got the best marks. I went to a game music development panel at Katsucon recently, in which a musical artist came in with a sample game at the alpha stages and had the audience design aspects of the music, where he fills in the details. H
  5. Thanks everyone, I just wanted to make sure I got off on the right foot, and I appreciate not only the responses, but also the fact that the community seems open to whatever works. I waited long enough to make sure of this either way. Thanks for your support, and hopefully I'll have a Space Armada remix up here at some point!
  6. Hey everyone! Long time listener, and I've loved the site for over 10 years, so thank you all for everything that you've created as a community. So, I have started to do a little bit of music work as of late. I'm more of a programmer, but I did go through some musical training in high school as a trumpeter, so I've got basic skills, and I'm looking to expand more into it. I've looked around at some free options for music composition, and I'm wondering what the community feels like about tools such as Linux Multimedia Studio. I've worked with it enough to be able to get some solid baseline
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